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Sir Thomas Gresham (1519-1579), English financier and trade

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1. Gresham will stand trial for murder.

2. Thomas Huxley: You've killed God, sir!

3. Sir Thomas More built his house there.

4. Sir Thomas would not hear of it.

5. Thomas Huxley: You%27ve killed God, sir!

6. And Debra Winger, the love of his life Joy Gresham.

7. Sir Thomas was not dressed as Bill Sikes.

8. Sir Thomas More used the expression in 15

9. The current Chancellor is the operatic baritone Sir Thomas Allen.

10. Sir Thomas More is remembered today as the author of .

11. Sir Thomas More used the expression in fifteen thirty-four.

12. Sir Thomas More is remembered today as the author of Utopia.

13. Sir Thomas More is remembered today as the auther of Utopia.

14. Gresham himself did not live to see the outcome of any of these nefarious schemes.

15. Sir George Thomas Staunton and the Translation of the Qing Legal Code.

16. Sir Thomas Blount's half-hearted investigation into Amy's death was absolutely barren.

17. Retail and restaurant units are also planned on the pedestrian routes linking Gresham Street and Cheapside.

18. Sir Thomas More was a man of stately and handsome presence ( Horace Walpole ).

19. - --- Thomas Carlyle.

20. Thomas Aquinas.

21. She was to marry this mountebank, this hypocritical toad of a Sir Thomas.

22. A former consultant gastroenterologist at Stobhill Hospital Sir Thomas has enjoyed personal popularity.

23. In Thomas birthday party, Charlie immodesty smashed Thomas birthday cake.

24. The other was Sir Thomas More , the first secularistic and a man of morality.

25. 16 He commutes 30 miles from his home in southwest Portland to a city government job in suburban Gresham.