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(1875-1955) German-born American novelist and critic, author of "The Magic Mountain", winner of the 1929 Nobel Prize for literature

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1. Thomas Mann seconded these points.

2. Thomas Mann: Wo ich bin, ist Deutschland.

3. The film is based on a short story by Thomas Mann.

4. For a writer, the exile par excellence - always a ``suspect,'' as Thomas Mann said - language is his placenta.

5. Thomas Mann, however, rejected the work as "heinous aestheticism", while Kurt Tucholsky proclaimed it as the "herbarium of the German man".

6. (because of his familial struggles), or as allegories of a metaphysical quest for God ( Thomas Mann was a proponent of this theory).

7. I read Knut Hamsun and Thomas Mann and Max Frisch and Heinrich B?and a dozen others, the more obscure the better.

8. Thomas Mann in his novel Doktor Faustus tells the story of a composer based mainly on Arnold Schoenberg, whom resentment drives to make a pact with the Devil.

9. In contrast, the novels of Andrian von Leopold, Hugo von Hofmannsthal and Thomas Mann which emphasize the failure of the love and the tragic death of the male protagonist symbolize the critical reflection of the aestheticism.