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(1478-1535) English statesman and scholar, author of "Utopia"

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1. Sir Thomas More built his house there.

2. Sir Thomas More used the expression in 15

3. Sir Thomas More is remembered today as the author of .

4. Sir Thomas More used the expression in fifteen thirty-four.

5. Sir Thomas More is remembered today as the author of Utopia.

6. Sir Thomas More is remembered today as the auther of Utopia.

7. Sir Thomas More was a man of stately and handsome presence ( Horace Walpole ).

8. Thomas More, for his part, was beheaded after running afoul of the king.

9. The other was Sir Thomas More , the first secularistic and a man of morality.

10. Thomas More, Christopher Marlowe and William Shakespeare are the best representatives of the English humanists .

11. Thomas More also condemned Tyndale’s translation of the Greek word a·gaʹpe as “love” rather than “charity.”

12. Was it Thomas More who said that the wise man learns from the experience of others?

13. The philosopher Thomas More first hinted at it in his book, "Utopia," more than 500 years ago.

14. With the two ignored but very important letters and various puns Thomas More self - deconstructs his text.

15. The classical utopian novels, typically Utopia by Thomas More, are generally ideological novels with a theme put antecedently .

16. This house, called Danvers House, adjoined the mansion that had once been the house of Sir Thomas More.

17. The Republic is also a utopia, a word that Plato does not use, was not coined until many, many centuries later by Sir Thomas More.

18. Donne's father died suddenly in 15 and left the three children to be raised by their mother, Elizabeth, the daughter of John Heywood, epigrammatist, and a relative of Sir Thomas More.

19. Sir Thomas More, friend and supporter of Erasmus, led a dangerous but incorruptible political life which would earn him the death penalty from the same King who once knighted him, Henry VIII.

20. In Robert Bolt's play about Sir Thomas More, "A Man for All Seasons, " the young Richard Rich wonders whether it is worthwhile to be a teacher. "If I was [a fine teacher], who would know it?"

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