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incision into the chest (Medicine)

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1. Objective : To probe respiratory function variation after secondary thoracotomy operation.Sentence dictionary

2. The patient was therefore transferred to theatre for immediate thoracotomy.

3. Objective To search for and advantages of subaxillary small incision thoracotomy in the pulmonary surgery.

4. Conclusion Buprenorphine can be safely applied to skin - analgesia after thoracotomy.

5. Esophagectomy without thoracotomy is performed by an abdomino-cervical blunt dissection.

6. Objective To compare the effect of different analgesic methods after thoracotomy.

7. Acute pulmonary embolism is one of the most severe complications of patients after thoracotomy.

8. Objective To recommend the technique of muscle-sparing thoracotomy through the auscultatory triangle.

9. The effects of thoracotomy surgery on the accuracy of esophageal core temperature measurement.

10. Methods: 33 post - thoracotomy patients were divided into DCA, PCEA and PCIA groups.

11. Objective : To search for the clinical advantages and experience of micro - traumatic thoracotomy in thoracic surgery.

12. Objective To summarize clinical experience of treating penetrating cardiac injuries patients in emergency room thoracotomy ( ERT ).

13. It introduced the progress on respiratory tract nursing care of postoperative patients after thoracotomy.

14. Method: 12 patients the carcinoma of upper esophagus administered the transhiatal esophagectomy without thoracotomy.

15. Objective To evaluate the value of the Mechanical Ventilation in treating acute respiratory failure after thoracotomy.

16. A thoracotomy provides excellent exposure to divide the adhesions between the trapped viscera and lung parenchyma.

17. They consisted of 12 with spontaneous hemopneumothorax, 21 with traumatic hemothorax and 1 with hemothorax after thoracotomy.

18. Objective To investigate the causes and prevention of cardiopulmonary complications in elderly patients after thoracotomy.

19. In software menu set respectively in the mouth ( oral ) and in the latter ( mini thoracotomy ).

20. Elective thoracotomy was performed in 40 ASA ~ patients aged from 70 to 82 years old.

21. Thoracotomy for debriding loci in treating tuberculosis of thoracic vertebra has been considered as effective.

22. 20 Objective The access approaches for the open heart surgery include:full middle sternal approach, parasternal approach, anterolateral thoracotomy and some others.

23. Objective : To investigate the effects of epidural lidocaine on hypoxemia induced by bilateral thoracotomy in rats.

24. Objective To observe the theraputic effect of esophagectomy without thoracotomy in elder patients with esophageal and cardial carcinoma.

25. Objective To investigate the application value of intracervical esophagogastric stapled anastomosis via left thoracotomy in treatment of thoracic esophageal carcinoma.