thorny|thornier|thorniest in English


[thorn·y || 'θɔrnɪ /'θɔːnɪ]

having thorns, prickly, spiky; difficult, trying

Use "thorny|thornier|thorniest" in a sentence

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1. Paradoxically, the thorniest outstanding issue involves Bolivia.

2. Intellectualproperty issues are another thorny problem.

3. Over 70 varieties of thorny plants have been reported as growing in Israel, among them being the thorny burnet, the thorny caper, the acanthus, the boxthorn, and hawthorns.

4. The Thorny Devil Lizard’s Moisture-Extracting Skin

5. Nettles and thorny weeds in her fortresses.

6. Finally, there's that thorny question of price.

7. Scritch, scratch, scramble, through the thorny bushes!

8. Researchers have apparently unveiled the thorny devil’s secret.

9. The thornier questions arise when Boaz and Murray move on to the role of government.

10. The third text, c, offers more thorny problems.

11. 16. (a) What individuals resemble the thorny soil?

12. The thorny crown is more than an imperial diadem.

13. The young captain is pondering over a thorny problem.

14. 8 The thorny mesquite is undoubtedly another fair conditioningtor.

15. What you can do Handling naughtiness is one of the thornier issues that parents have to face.

16. 16 What kind of individuals resemble the thorny soil?

17. Melding the top managements also would be a thorny issue.

18. I ent doin' no fancy theatricals with ole corny thorny.

19. One of the thornier unresolved issues is whether that walkway would be 60 feet wide or 80 feet wide.

20. There are many thorny things on the skin of the fish.

21. Moreover, the thorny question of additionality will have to be solved.

22. These are not tremendously forceful answers to the thorny questions posed.

23. Biometrics raise thorny questions about privacy and the potential for abuse.

24. This thorny problem on the environmental protection floored the new mayor.

25. The so puppy love problem is a thorny issue for all teachers.