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pure bred, pedigree; cultured perso

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1. Have thoroughbreds interested you long?

2. By 1976, most of the top Holsteiner stallions were Thoroughbred or half-Thoroughbred.

3. Perhaps I ain't a thoroughbred, but I at for become a thoroughbred but effort!

4. I don't know much about thoroughbreds, horses or women.

5. Paul checked his big, black thoroughbred.

6. The dog is a real thoroughbred.

7. It feels like a thoroughbred coupe.

8. She was riding a thoroughbred horse.

9. This daughter of the shadows was thoroughbred.

10. Mr Dolphus Raymond lurched by on his thoroughbred.

11. Something has gone terribly wrong with thoroughbred racing.

12. He's a thoroughbred boxer with an outstanding pedigree.

13. Their well-groomed coats gleam like a couple of sleek self-conscious thoroughbreds.

14. All the Performance of a Thoroughbred Sports Car.

15. In Australia they are also crossed with Thoroughbreds for use as mounted police horses.

16. A thoroughbred can gallop a mile in about 90 seconds.

17. Thoroughbreds were used to refine the breed; occasionally an Anglo-Arabian or Trakehner stallion was used.

18. We have a lovely 3 Connemara cross thoroughbred mare on loan.

19. His mum was right, Janine was like a high-spirited thoroughbred.

20. Another influential sire was the Thoroughbred Diomed, born in 1777.

21. In short, the Arabian horses had greater tolerance than the Thoroughbred horses.

22. Usain Bolt roared out of the blocks, accelerating like a thoroughbred.

23. Thoroughbred racing is the most common type of horse racing around the world.

24. I've always wanted to mate an English thoroughbred with a bush brumby.

25. It was a thick-necked, elegant beast, with the strong legs of a thoroughbred.