to be around|to be arounds in English


to be close by, to be nearby, to be in the surroundings

Use "to be around|to be arounds" in a sentence

Below are sample sentences containing the word "to be around|to be arounds" from the English Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "to be around|to be arounds", or refer to the context using the word "to be around|to be arounds" in the English Dictionary.

1. He's a difficult man to be around.

2. Whether that will be enough to convince buyers to stick around remains to be seen.

3. I didn't want to be pushed around or to be made dependent on others.

4. No, the Alchemist has to be around here.

5. You need to be around children your own age.

6. The thread needs to be wound around the spindle.

7. This is not the time to be mopping around.

8. There seem to be fewer tourists around this year.

9. You're getting to be a regular customer around here.

10. Around this time his work ceased to be figurative.

11. The deal is estimated to be worth around $5 million.

12. 13 Guards were to be posted around nuclear power stations.

13. Too young to be hopping around on a willow peg.

14. Seals have good reason to be nervous around their holes.

15. 2 There seem to be fewer tourists around this year.

16. Children should not be allowed to fool around with matches.

17. 17) He liked to be hemmed around by the reporters.

18. So my message is to shop around and not to be downhearted.

19. We used to prance around our bedroom pretending to be pop stars.

20. Everything had to be strapped down to stop it from sliding around.

21. Don't allow yourself to be pushed around by that bully.

22. A . That'll be $ . Please drive around to the first window.

23. That contract proved to be a millstone around his neck.

24. Impatient. Fun to be around. Having lots of friends. Flirtatious.

25. To be raped is one thing, but to blunder around disorientated is another.