unmeasurable in English

not able to be measured objectively.
the unmeasurable qualities of a scientist

Use "unmeasurable" in a sentence

Below are sample sentences containing the word "unmeasurable" from the English Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "unmeasurable", or refer to the context using the word "unmeasurable" in the English Dictionary.

1. The deepness of his insight is unmeasurable.

2. Actually the symmetry in physics means unmeasurable for certain fundamental quantities.

3. We also analyzed the causes which result in unmeasurable phenomena.

4. In this paper. we studied unmeasurable phenomena in technological innovation decision-making such as unmeasurable phenomena of investment, cycle and market of a technological innovation project.

5. "The value of dining with Buffett is unmeasurable in money, " said Duan.

6. Conclusion: Thermograph has an unmeasurable singularity in early diagnosis of breast cancer.

7. CM2007 was a place with full of energy, interacting with different cultures, and unmeasurable combinations and possibilities.

8. We don't notice this time dilation in daily life, but it's not so small as to be unmeasurable.

9. Now he was looking at an expanse that was truly unmeasurable, and it appeared to go on forever.

10. This weight is so tiny as to be "effectively unmeasurable" by any scales that currently exist, he says.

11. In the Unmeasurable long river of time , dream is a channel which draws now nearer to the tomorrow.

12. After a careful discussion on unmeasurable set, this essay concluded its characteristics and a common measurement of the set.

13. Moreover, when states are unmeasurable , a high-gain observer is used for implementing output feedback control of the missile.

14. This is the essence of the problem that qualitative costs pose for struggling organizations: they are both undeniable and unmeasurable.

15. My youth seemed interminable because my personal identity was unclear, and in the resulting fog the gauge of time became unmeasurable.

16. This paper addresses the conditions of the existence of a full-order state observer for singular bilinear systems subjected to unmeasurable disturbances.

17. In order to suppress the unmeasurable external disturbance, a novel predictive functional control (PFC) method with disturbance observer for no self-regulating process is presented.

18. An intelligent modeling approach was developed for batch reactor to solve modeling difficulties of non-linear characteristics, dynamic process and with partially unmeasurable states.

19. Based on the modal control theory, a design method of active controller for damped vibration systems subjected to external unmeasurable disturbances is developed in this paper.

20. In women whose endogenous gonadotrophin secretion is suppressed, follitropin alfa has nevertheless been shown to effectively stimulate follicular development and steroidogenesis, despite unmeasurable LH levels

21. In this paper, an adaptive control system without "persistent excitation" and "strictly positive real" conditions is developed for non-minimum phase plant disturbed by unmeasurable disturbance.

22. The article said that the friend of your enemy is not always your enemy, but China does not think in this way. The grade that how China is sensitive towards this issue is unmeasurable .