unmediated in English

without anyone or anything intervening or acting as an intermediate; direct.
More than that, Gibson's use of ‘authentic’ languages is clearly supposed to give the impression of a direct and unmediated rendering of the story.

Use "unmediated" in a sentence

Below are sample sentences containing the word "unmediated" from the English Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "unmediated", or refer to the context using the word "unmediated" in the English Dictionary.

1. Television gives ordinary citizens an unmediated, direct personal view of world events.

2. They dream of an unmediated relationship between experience and the word.

3. He basks like a reptile in the warmth of my unmediated affection.

4. Hypertext links create a branching or network structure that permits direct, unmediated jumps to related information.

5. CASHL is the most typical unmediated document delivery service system in university library.

6. EMOTIONAL qualities, powerful images and unmediated expressiveness are the most prominent elements of contemporary architecture.

7. Hypertext links create a Branching or network structure that permits direct, unmediated jumps to related information.

8. But what Lin Heung does offer is a tasty and unmediated slice of Old Hong Kong.

9. With the end of the Mask series, Zeng began to pursue more unmediated forms of painterly expression.

10. As spectators we are positioned as the eye of the camera and we gaze upon an apparently natural and unmediated scene.

11. This paper analyzes the reason, necessity and possibility of implementing unmediated document delivery service, and presents some suggestions on how to implement the service.

12. If the new telecommunications age brings unmediated democracy, what will happen to our carefully contrived constitutional system of checks and balances?

13. So that even a text like the Decalogue, which is represented as being the unmediated word of God, can appear in more than one version.

14. But those who wish to deny the conceptual basis of their writing in favor of unmediated expression risk falling into a dogmatic rigidity about writing.

15. The splitting of destinations to form pre- and post-mediated parts ensures that a mediated destination has the same quality of service as an unmediated destination.

16. This usually means we try avoiding menu structures and other types of abstract GUI's, but rather focus on interaction modalities that borrow their behavior from unmediated , real-world tasks.