Use "virtuoso" in a sentence

Below are sample sentences containing the word "virtuoso" from the English Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "virtuoso", or refer to the context using the word "virtuoso" in the English Dictionary.

1. The dude's a virtuoso.

2. He a virtuoso at every endeavour.

3. Ma Xiaohui is a virtuoso on the erhu.

4. But what actually killed the great virtuoso?

5. A virtuoso could do that with water glasses!

6. They gave a virtuoso display of disco dancing.

7. The victim cried like a professional, a virtuoso crier.

8. Koji Tsumoto , the guitar virtuoso from Japan live in beijing!

9. He was gaining a reputation as a remarkable virtuoso.

10. Holland would never dare cast himself as a virtuoso pianist.

11. It hardly needs saying that Dame Joan is a virtuoso.

12. 4 He was gaining a reputation as a remarkable virtuoso.

13. Liu Fang is a remarkable virtuoso of the pipa, a Chinese lute.

14. Baryshnikov is probably the most dazzling virtuoso we have seen.

15. His handling of the meeting was quite a virtuoso performance.

16. Ladies and gentlemen, please, welcome to London violin virtuoso Nicolas Mori.

17. Beckerhoff is a virtuoso trumpeter with an excellent range and sound.

18. Charles-Valentin Alkan became a well-known composer and piano virtuoso.

19. England's football fans were hoping for a virtuoso performance against Cameroon.

20. His orchestral music includes around 30 symphonies and 12 virtuoso cello concertos.

21. The party of astonished villagers raised a spontaneous cheer at this virtuoso performance.

22. Made me indignant in the same way virtuoso bureaucratic behavior still provokes me.

23. Biscoe is a saxophone virtuoso of great lyricism, passion, stamina, and considerable versatility.

24. Famous mainly for his wonderful voice, Cole was also a virtuoso on the piano.

25. The solo dulcimer player, Eugene Gladkov, is clearly a virtuoso of the first order.

26. She deals especially with Robert, a former virtuoso accordion languishing in unemployment, and his five children.

27. The Times critic described her dancing as 'a virtuoso performance of quite dazzling accomplishment'.

28. Political virtuoso that he is, Haider played skillfully on popular fears over these issues.

29. Minton's virtuoso performances with pencil or pen and ink commended him as a teacher.

30. This virtuoso decorative carving is a typical feature of late Gothic architecture in Bohemia.

31. Her father, Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, was prime minister, a political virtuoso, part Napoleon, part Peron.

32. These are our virtuoso gamers, 500 million people who are extraordinarily good at something.

33. 15 Political virtuoso that he is, Haider played skillfully on popular fears over these issues.

34. A young virtuoso cornet player named Louis Armstrong was discovered in New Orleans by King Oliver.

35. He is a virtuoso at every endeavor — at least in his daydreams atop his doghouse.

36. Olmsted rejected displays "of novelty, of fashion, of scientific or virtuoso inclinations and of decoration.

37. At this stage, yet another set of variations in the cuckoo's virtuoso repertoire of adaptations comes into play.

38. He is a pianist of extraordinary capability, with a virtuoso technique that is second to none.

39. Virtuoso trombonist he is not, though his efforts to expand the instrument's profile must be admired.

40. Anderson proves himself a fascinating and adventurous composer as well as a virtuoso bassist in this superlative album.

41. The pianist launched into a cadenza, a virtuoso cascade of notes that signaled the end of the movement.

42. Again, this is virtuoso music, and the first three movements on this occasion didn't always seem quite comfortable.

43. This is a shame in a book so rich in ideas and so virtuoso in its handling of specialist terminology.

44. Friday evening there was a big crowd waiting in Budapest, too, desperate to see his ice show with Edvin Marton, violin virtuoso.

45. You are not a natural-born clarinet virtuoso or car salesman or bond trader or brain surgeon—because no one is.

46. Now, it may be in there, somewhere, but this, when I first met you, it was like, "Oh, guitar virtuoso songwriter."

47. One virtuoso performance is from Ku'ermanjiang Zhikeriya, a Kazakh from Xinjiang who plays the dongbula, a two-stringed guitar with a bowl-shaped body.

48. During his virtuoso heyday, Liszt was described by the writer Hans Christian Andersen as a "slim young man... dark hair hung around his pale face".

49. Although Rachmaninov was internationally celebrated during his lifetime as a virtuoso pianist, his sweepingly Romantic compositions have lived on to beguile audiences in the 21st Century.

50. I learned from Ney Mello recently what a virtuoso was and I decided that I would limit my first contacts to those candidates fitting that description.