volume in English

a book forming part of a work or series.
There was huge, leather bound series of volumes of Encyclopaedia Celtica.
the amount of space that a substance or object occupies, or that is enclosed within a container, especially when great.
the sewer could not cope with the volume of rainwater
quantity or power of sound; degree of loudness.
he turned the volume up on the radio
synonyms: loudness sound amplification decibels

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1. 25) Volume correction device, volume correction method, volume correction program, and electronic equipment.

2. Slide with right bottom volume will dominate volume.

3. Increase Volume

4. Modem & volume

5. 19 The powerful Audio Volume Control includes - on Initial volume function, 32 - Level Audio Volume Control and Mute Control.

6. Abridged Tables of Contents Volumes 13 and Volume 5* volume 1

7. • Volume of active storage/mean annual flow volume Qualitative watershed survey:

8. Setting speaker volume

9. Successful call-out volume: volume of business that has successfully called out.

10. Enter the VOLUME GROUP name (db2vg1), select PHYSICAL VOLUME name (hdisk1) and change the Activate volume group AUTOMATICALLY at system restart?

11. Also helpful are volume expanders, fluids administered intravenously to increase blood volume.

12. 3D/4D - three-dimensional (volume) ultrasound image ( volume sonography in real time ).

13. distilled beverages and spirits of an alcoholic strength by volume exceeding # % volume

14. Modifying ISO# volume descriptor

15. Volume: 2.46 cubic feet.

16. Each of the disks in the volume group has management data, including a volume group descriptor area and a volume group status area.

17. Speak with sufficient volume.

18. Estimate approximate volume discharge...

19. Volume 11: Tibetan Modernities.

20. Abridged Tables of Contents Volumes 1-3 and Volume 5 Volume 5 - Renewal:

21. High volume aerosol valve

22. Please lower the volume.

23. Dilute hydrochloric acid: one volume of HCl (d = 1,18) plus one volume of water

24. Is set in buying price of the transaction volume, which is the volume seller.

25. 9 Fasting gall bladder volume increased after injections, compared with the volume before treatment.

26. Bamboo floor after 2006 sales volume rapid rise, since 2007 sales volume flatten out.

27. The ratio of the aggregated volume of interstices in a rock to its volume.

28. A battery has a battery container defining an enclosed volume and an unenclosed volume.

29. On tablets: Press and hold the Volume down + Volume up buttons for 5 seconds.

30. Volume was calculated with storage manage software by gauged volume table of oil tank.

31. Mix 1 volume of ammonia (NH4OH, d20 = 0,9 g/ml) with 1 volume of water.

32. You have the volume volume short hair, under the setting sun maroon quiet are tasteful.

33. 20 Through the volume control adjuster of the audio out can control the speaker volume.

34. 12 the volume control knob.

35. Problem: " DME volume unbelievably loud. "

36. Analyze the target volume before you install large applications and defragment the volume if necessary.

37. Carton size calculated by the total volume of volume to be consistent with the mark.

38. 9 So the effective porosity is drawn from the matrix volume and effective pore volume.

39. This paper introduced the conception of volume visualization and volume data, the features of IDL.

40. This is due to volume.

41. She leafed through the volume.

42. Invalid characters in volume label.

43. Author's afterword to volume 10.

44. The chanting rose in volume.

45. The music doubled in volume.

46. Volume legerity[Sentencedict.com], feel comfortable.

47. Mix one volume of hydrochloric acid (d20 = 1,18 g/ml) with one volume of water.

48. Mix 1 volume of hydrochloric acid (r = 1,18 g/ml) with 1 volume of water.

49. Volume of fund - 10 units.

50. Volume of each active component: ...