volunteerism in English

the use or involvement of volunteer labor, especially in community services.
The organization has become well known and takes pride in its community service projects and volunteerism as well as its support for its fellow stay-at-home moms.

Use "volunteerism" in a sentence

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1. Not incidental to the debate on volunteerism is politics.

2. As First Lady, Pat Nixon promoted a number of charitable causes, including volunteerism.

3. Through personal experience, I've learned that skills - based volunteerism is one of those double bottom - line investments.

4. 1 He praised the virtues of volunteerism and made vague mention of garbage men he knows who collect trash as volunteers.

5. "The goal is for MLK Day to reignite the American tradition of service and volunteerism and to that end the current call to action is viewed as a starting point," the Web site explains.