volunteers in English

a person who freely offers to take part in an enterprise or undertake a task.
Last weekend volunteers undertook the painstaking task of cutting the grass around the base of each stone with scissors, in preparation for the restoration work.
freely offer to do something.
he volunteered for the job

Use "volunteers" in a sentence

Below are sample sentences containing the word "volunteers" from the English Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "volunteers", or refer to the context using the word "volunteers" in the English Dictionary.

1. Any volunteers?

2. The Rotary Volunteers program through Rotary International provides two resources to support Rotarian volunteers.

3. Volunteers were busy stuffing envelopes.

4. Everyone volunteers in towns and cities.

5. Twenty healthy volunteers completed the questionnaire.

6. Volunteers came from far and wide.

7. Any volunteers to go get him?

8. Any winsome volunteers to take over?

9. There was no lack of volunteers.

10. d Includes # ational United Nations Volunteers

11. • International volunteers in full-time service: 2,342

12. An urgent need exists for Bethel volunteers.

13. Who went as volunteers with the people.

14. Ethnic minorities currently comprise 19% of volunteers.

15. We need volunteers to transcribe this manuscript.

16. The conditions imposed on volunteers were stringent.

17. We managed to scrape together eight volunteers.

18. Thirdly, volunteers never live till pay day.

19. Hundreds of volunteers worked on the relief teams.

20. They welcomed the new volunteers with open arms .

21. All volunteers are supervised by a qualified nurse.

22. The Volunteers were received cordially but with restraint.

23. I want four volunteers to work acetylene torches.

24. They've called for volunteers to hold the dock.

25. Congress volunteers sold contraband salt in the cities.

26. 8) Unfortunately, however, the Volunteers were in error.

27. We've had over 1,500 volunteers rebuilding, rehabbing homes.

28. The volunteers followed a seven-phase construction plan.

29. Get some volunteers and pull that wagon out.

30. Are there any volunteers to help clear up?

31. 2 The office is staffed by unpaid volunteers.

32. The hospital tea bar is run by volunteers.

33. Volunteers were told to memorise pairs of words.

34. HEP arranged a Yakult manufactory visiting for volunteers.

35. The campaign has a roster of 500 volunteers.

36. Volunteers joined the search for the lost child.

37. For the first 142 volunteers, camphor was used for anosmia te st, and for the other 54 volunteers, ammonia was used.

38. They fought as volunteers with the Afghan guerrillas.

39. The volunteers contribute their own time to the project.

40. 1 We comped tickets for some of the volunteers.

41. "The other challenge is vetting the volunteers," said Long.

42. Ten volunteers hit embellish unitedly for an exceptional test.

43. They wanted volunteers to have placements in other bureaux.

44. The charity hopes the campaign will energise its volunteers.

45. Most of the relief work was done by volunteers.

46. Some 2,300 volunteers translate Bible literature into 500 languages

47. Anyway, here are the brave volunteers at roll call.

48. When volunteers were called for, they hung back shamefacedly.

49. Two air conditioning mechanics, United Nations Volunteers (new posts);

50. Willing volunteers from neighboring congregations performed all the work.