von recklinghausen's disease in English

a hereditary disease in which numerous benign tumors develop in various parts of the body, especially the skin and the fibrous sheaths of the nerves. It is a form of neurofibromatosis.
Neurofibromatosis, or von Recklinghausen's disease , is a relatively common autosomal dominant genetic disorder in which affected individuals develop benign and malignant tumors at an increased frequency.
a disease in which the bones are weakened as a result of excessive secretion of the parathyroid hormone, leading to bowing and fracture of long bones and sometimes deformities of the chest and spine.

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1. He had been diagnosed with von Recklinghausen's disease in early childhood and had undergone surgery for a ventricular septal defect with massive blood transfusion at the age of 4 years.