voodoo in English

a black religious cult practiced in the Caribbean and the southern US, combining elements of Roman Catholic ritual with traditional African magical and religious rites, and characterized by sorcery and spirit possession.
But it also plays with core elements of the Haitian voodoo tradition, of Caribbean magic, and of African rituals as well.
affect (someone) by the practice of voodoo.
‘So let me get this straight,’ I said through hot tears, ‘you've been… voodooing the people around you, to get your way.’

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1. This may sound like voodoo.

2. Like voodoo, or sympathetic medicine.

3. She the voodoo queen of the bayou.

4. The hunter bought a lucky voodoo charm.

5. Bunch of blood-soaked voodoo fanatics there.

6. He's been the object of a voodoo curse.

7. Voodoo doctor Francois Duvalier is elected President in 19

8. These include goober (peanut), gumbo (okra), and voodoo (witchcraft).

9. It's no longer voodoo and mumbo-jumbo to us.

10. Great, now does any of that voodoo produce an address?

11. Improving search results almost becomes voodoo born of experience.

12. Are you sure you weren't under the local voodoo?

13. On the whole, lawyers look at marketing as voodoo.

14. Also in 2011, she released the single "Voodoo-Juju Woman".

15. 7 These include goober (peanut), gumbo (okra), and voodoo (witchcraft).

16. It was something in the air, she decided, some voodoo spell maybe.

17. Now I have to start my voodoo ritual all over again!

18. Jonnie said he was going to a voodoo ceremony that night.

19. What the Ottos didn't realise was that this servant girl knew voodoo .

20. I looked to the ground instantly, and I saw my voodoo doll.

21. A supernatural power or voodoo belief can enter into and reanimate a corpse.

22. Bush, two decades ago called "voodoo economics" - as the acme of economic wisdom.

23. These days the targets are religion, homeopathy, astrology, psychics or any modern voodoo.

24. It may work, or it might be just another item from the guitar voodoo handbook.

25. It is also the homeland of R & B singer Angelique Kidjo and the Voodoo religion.

26. In Haiti, they say it is the only thing that will cause Damballah and his wife Ayida Oueddo, a pair of the chief deities of the voodoo pantheon, to put in an appearance at a voodoo session.

27. Old - fashioned voodoo economics - the belief in tax - cut magic - has been banished from civilized discourse.

28. Approximately 90% of the people practice some form of voodoo , which is essentially devil-worship.

29. The first example shown in fig 1 is the intro from the track Voodoo Kiss.

30. He does not want us to carry on voodoo, witchcraft or juju.—Galatians 5:19-21

31. 26 The first example shown in fig 1 is the intro from the track Voodoo Kiss.

32. He taught me about voodoo, about the spirit of the rain and the spirit of the wind.

33. Accelerated graphics for ATI Radeon up to 9200, Rage128, Matrox, Voodoo and other cards for xorg-x11.

34. Voodoo has been a contributing factor in many horrendous incidences in the United Kingdom in recent years.

35. But, what makes Voodoo so interesting is that it's this living relationship between the living and the dead.

36. They felt as if there was some sort of voodoo on the band, because everything just went wrong.

37. Now all they have to worry about is hexes, black magic, devil worship, voodoo curses and the occult.

38. Hence the popularity of the new voodoo, which claims, as I said, that elaborate financial rituals can reanimate dead banks.

39. Nope, instead all this voodoo-inspired wonder hails from decidedly un-tropical Sweden, courtesy of mischievous newcomers Goat. Sentencedict.com

40. Chucha started to unravel her bundle, and we all guessed she was about to do a little farewell voodoo on us.

41. Demons also actively deceive mankind by means of spiritism, which can involve such things as magic spells, voodoo, and spirit mediums.

42. 20 Chucha started to unravel her bundle, and we all guessed she was about to do a little farewell voodoo on us.

43. Haitians also celebrate a day of the dead known as Ghede, a voodoo tradition that's celebrated in conjunction with Catholic All Souls' Day.

44. 25 Whether the high-tech voodoo works is one thing. But the shredder certainly shreds -- and the shredded paper is recycled as toilet roll.

45. • This remarkable shot of a CF-101 Voodoo doing an afterburner take-off was taken from a second Aircraft by Capt W. "Turbo" Tarling.

46. Thus, we are warned against the blood sacrifice and spirit communion practiced by the voodoo priests in Brazil or by the houngans and the mambos of Haiti.

47. The Slender Loris has been hunted for centuries in Sri Lanka for its purported qualities as an aphrodisiac, asthma cure and as a kind of living voodoo doll.

48. The skit "End" depicts an exchange between Ocean and a woman as they make love in the backseat of a car with his 2012 song "Voodoo" playing over the stereo.

49. Auburn was designed specifically to take advantage of (and promote) the use of AGP interface, during the time when many competing 3D accelerators (notably, 3dfx Voodoo Graphics) still used the PCI connection.

50. 10 Mine looks like a voodoo preacher's wet dream. And that means we have to buy our eggs from the supermarket, which means we'll all catch salmonella and die in great pain.