warrant|warranted|warranting|warrants in English


[war·rant || 'wɑrənt ,'wɔ- /'wɒ-]

authorize; justify, entitle; empower; permit; sanction; vouch for, guarantee; pledge

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1. The law warrants this procedure.

2. Your concern's hardly warranted.

3. Her interference was not warranted.

4. On the other hand, unless the assignor specifically warrants otherwise, it is presumed that the assignor does not warrant the actual capacity of the debtor of the receivable to pay.

5. 2 This material is warranted pure silk.

6. Are such health concerns warranted?

7. Urgent ophthalmologic consultation is warranted.

8. We just got your warrants approved.

9. 1 The circumstances warranted these measures.

10. 5 Do you think this fear is warranted?

11. 15. 'Stock warrants` means stock warrants, warehouse receipts or other documents of title evidencing ownership of commodity stocks.

12. Summonses, decrees, edicts, warrants, patents of nobility.

13. 3 Her interference was not warranted.

14. 4 Further investigation is clearly warranted.

15. Search warrant, gloves...

16. Where's the fucking warrant?

17. Warrant Officer Gary Owen.

18. 8 The judicial caution and skepticism are completely warranted.

19. A warrant for what?

20. But at least it warranted a retort.

21. If they refuse, detain them and get warrants.

22. Judge La Riva had issued an arrest warrant/a warrant for his arrest.

23. Now, that direct quotation warrants some careful consideration.

24. I warrant he'll be late.

25. Sign your own death warrant.