warsaw ghetto|warsaw ghetto in English

ghetto established by the Nazis in order to house Jews before their deportation to death camps (during World War II)

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1. The Warsaw Ghetto had 500,000 Jewish inmates, and the Białystok Ghetto had about 60,000.

2. The date also marks the occasion that Nazi soldiers raided a Warsaw ghetto to round up innocent Jews .

3. Black ghetto life.

4. Ghetto white's the new brown.

5. Children grow up streetwise in the ghetto.

6. Hey, turn down that ghetto blaster in here!

7. I happen to enjoy my ghetto brew affectation.

8. The novel about ghetto life was true to life.

9. I was frustrated by my ghetto, sickened by my reputation.

10. The Ministers welcomed the Warsaw COP decision on setting up a Warsaw International Mechanism for Loss and Damage.

11. He was killed in the Warsaw uprising.

12. Martha was planning to break out of the ghetto of poetry.

13. Of 3,500 Jews "moved" between ghetto sections, only 550 arrive.

14. His office marked the edge of the executive ghetto.

15. 11 Hey, turn down that ghetto blaster in here!

16. Chartered Cities : Krakow ( Cracow ) , Lodz, Poznan, Warsaw, Wroclaw.

17. American Technologies set up shop in Warsaw in 19

18. The south coast of Spain has become something of a tourist ghetto.

19. Three-fourths of the apartments in the ghetto had no heat.

20. 1,150 German aircraft bombed Warsaw on 24 September.

21. The Germans began surrounding Warsaw on 9 September.

22. Edek was nothing more than a Warsaw fop.

23. It was the last ghetto in occupied Poland to be liquidated.

24. I once lived for three months in a North Philadelphia ghetto.

25. What a sheltered life she leads, in her self-built lavender ghetto.