warthog|warthogs in English


species of African wild pig with large tusks and fleshy growths on its face

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1. You're a warthog.

2. Warthog Pie, Namibia. Tastes like lean pork.

3. Mora's hunger lures her back to the warthog burrow.

4. " The bad news is we dropped a warthog on her

5. Kurt slowed the Warthog , and looked up at the sky.

6. Runoff from the pool created this water hole, where warthogs come to wallow.

7. On another occasion two warthogs were seen holding off a pack of 16 wild dogs.

8. After three hours of digging, the lions finally extract the warthog.

9. He is saved by a warthog and another small unknown animal.

10. Mora and Zara watch hungrily as the warthog makes its getaway.

11. He's got this dental affliction which gives him a tusky, warthog grin.

12. A bad-tempered warthog chased the hyena away and it dropped the thing.

13. And she doesn't have to go on an exhausting hunt and try and kill a warthog.

14. I also love trying funky new foods - from warthog in South Africa to octupus in Japan.

15. The diet of a warthog consists mainly of grasses, roots, and berries, along with the occasional carrion.

16. 17 They ran for the Warthog parked on the dirt track at the base of the tree house.

17. And then he turned one of them into a rhinoceros and the other one into a warthog.

18. They ran for the Warthog parked on the dirt track at the base of the tree house.

19. It is illustrated with drawings of buffalo, giraffe, warthog and camp scenes, and describes a rhino hunt.

20. In its native habitat, sub-Saharan Africa, the African rock python eats small mammals, antelope, warthog, herons, and other animals.

21. An almost guaranteed sighting in the first few minutes is the awkward looking warthog, scampering1 along with its tail in the air.

22. During the hottest hours of the day, warthogs can often be found at “home” in an abandoned aardvark burrow that has been enlarged with their tusks.

23. The tusks stuck out above and below the jaw like a modern warthog, said Larsson. "This has never been seen before on any crocodile."

24. But Mora is showing interest in a warthog burrow. In the wild, lions normally eat every 3-4 days, when prey is readily available.

25. In December 2005 a special forces team supported by A-10 Warthog warplanes and a B-52 bomber attacked militants "attempting to egress into Pakistan".