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breadth, thickness

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1. The body size differs significantly between the castes in seven parts measured: Head width, width of mesonotum, alitrunk length, widths and lengths of first and second gastral tergites.

2. Different kind of Magazine theme that adjusts columns and column width to fit any and all kind of monitor widths.

3. The carpet is available in various widths.

4. This outfit needs two widths of chiffon.

5. I managed to swim 2 widths underwater.

6. 13 The carpet is available in various widths.

7. You'll need two widths of fabric for each curtain.

8. Carving conversion chart area a negative depth and widths.

9. 27 The pasta ranges from threads to hearty widths.

10. Face width: the width of the tooth measured axially.

11. Image width

12. Fixed width

13. The widths are 3/16 inches apart and differ by shoe length.

14. Each segment has a width identical to the free spectrum width.

15. Axis-line width

16. Grid Line Width

17. Fixed width font

18. Fit to Page & Width

19. The device can be adapted to different vehicle widths, wheel stands and vehicle types.

20. More particularly, on alternate pulses, the invention adds the width 'N', being twice the minimum accurate width, to the desired width for output, or subtracts the desired width from the width 'N' for the output while inverting the polarity of the output.

21. 21 Two finger widths below the belly button, between it and the pubic bone.

22. Several PWM techniques, such as sinusoidal waveform pulse width modulation, quasi sinusoidal waveform pulse width modulation and cell pulse width modulation, are given.

23. This continues until the pulse widths are within about one percent of each other.

24. Reduced in width from 44mm to 30mm in width, they offer the best performance under wet and muddy conditions compared with standard width tires .

25. Machine fabrication allows production of jointed elements forming slabs of various widths and lengths.