wield|wielded|wielding|wields in English



exert, exercise (influence, power, etc.); handle with skill (e.g. a weapon); brandish, hold

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1. If wielding phallic power involves defining social relationships, then it is time women wielded more of that power themselves.

2. You wield that axe well, Theseus.

3. The Church wields immense power in Ireland.

4. They wield enormous political power.

5. He is wielding a knife.

6. People who wielded axes and carving knives.

7. Siva, Her mighty Husband, who wields the fearful trident.

8. Monroe doctrine lives on as Bush wields big stick.

9. These were not men who wielded feather dusters.

10. I mend nets not wield a sword.

11. I saw you wield scythe once.

12. How much clout does Cohen wield?

13. A sword-wielding assassin in broad daylight.

14. He was wielding a samurai sword.

15. Mortal, I have never felt such great power wielded.

16. 3 Siva, Her mighty Husband, who wields the fearful trident.

17. Wielding a pair of hatchets Kui charged over.

18. Until men united wield a hallowed sabre.

19. Most Oni dress in tighter skins and wield clubs.

20. Those hands, he felt sure, had not wielded saw or sandpaper.

21. Jeff has wielded an iron fist since taking over the company.

22. The priest caste wields considerable power in this rigidly theocratic society.

23. The rebels were wielding sticks of dynamite.

24. Ogre magi are intelligent, spell - wielding ogres.

25. 6 Queen Elizabeth wielded the scepter forty - five years.