wiffle ball|wiffle in English

brandname for a light plastic ball that has eight oblong perforations and is used to play a baseball-type game (especially designed for children); game played with a Wiffle ball

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1. Start with the old-fashioned ones -- badminton, shuffleboard, horseshoes, Wiffle ball, or bocce.

2. Sliced pork, sliced chicken, Beef Ball, Fish Ball.

3. I will first bounce the ping-pong ball off the bowling ball... the billiard ball.

4. Ball screw, manufacturing method of nut for ball screw

5. Spheroid, all ball game ses, mostly round ball form!

6. Ball screws related apparatus, in particular, ball screw actuators

7. Special bearings, Ball roller bearings,Swivel joints, rotary table bearings, Ball screws and Ball bearing guideway assemblies

8. Ball screw and method for production of a ball screw nut, in particular for a ball screw

9. Pre-comminuting device for a ball mill or agitator ball mill, and ball mill with pre-comminuting device

10. Here we have not a bowling ball onto a ping-pong ball but we have a billiard ball.

11. 6 The curve ball is also called arc line ball.

12. I have a yellow ball. I don't have a red ball.

13. Thanks for ball-

14. To the ball?

15. Ball ball pool soft "toys, " games "Manley" Fisherprice engine fire pit a little ball, step one by 100 to such as children choir pool ball factory " results.

16. A tennis ball is hollow, but a base ball is solid.

17. (Ball squeaks) Wow.

18. " Pass the ball! "

19. Move that ball!

20. Ball hinge structure

21. The layering interposes ball clays, lignitic ball clays and sand seams.

22. 12 Gaolu: ball, ball, aluminum, fire-proof material production, and marketing.

23. (Ball squeaks) Cool.

24. With ball bearings?

25. Held ball: Formerly called a "jump ball". When two players on opposite teams are in joint control of the ball.