wigeon|wigeons in English


widgeon, freshwater Eurasian duck having a white spot on each wing; wild freshwater North American duck having a shiny white crow

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1. Wigeon grazed on the far shore.

2. Wigeon A lone pair of gad wall preened on shrinking tussocks.

3. I picked out two golden-eye amongst teal and wigeon.

4. The levels are also important for the wintering wildfowl they attract, particularly Teal and Wigeon.

5. Wildfowl are numerous in winter with thousands of teal as well as wigeon, pintail and shoveler.

6. Drake has low croon, duck a harsh wigeon-like quack: both make whistling sound in flight like Goldeneye.

7. The American wigeon is a medium-sized bird; it is larger than a teal, but smaller than a pintail.