wiggler|wigglers in English


something which moves from side to side; someone or something which wiggles

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1. Oh, you are a shrewd wiggler.

2. The toddler was a real wiggler on plane trips.

3. The results forms are similar to those in the linear polarized magnet wiggler.

4. The alignment error and positioning precision of the wiggler are analyzed.

5. It is shown that a FEL operation is possible in this wiggler by using higher harmonics.

6. Three- month old wigglers can produce two to three semi- translucent yellow worm cocoons a week.

7. This paper calculates PID gas load of SR from a 6 T superconducting Wiggler at HLS.

8. The spontaneous emission spectrum and higher harmonic gain of a relativistic electron in a novel electrostatic wiggler are discussed.

9. The transverse motions of electron with both self-field and high-order wiggler field are analyzed, with an investigation on the confinement condition of electrons.

10. In a healthy worm- bin habitat, worm reproduction will occur when the wigglers become sexually mature, indicated by an elongation of the segments into a bulbous structure.