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website that allows users to edit its content (add, remove or modify the text)

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1. Wiki pages are very much free form.

2. Wickies [ Wikis ] are web sites designed for Corruptive ( cooperative ) Work.

3. Wiki is a simple, yet powerful hypertext system.

4. The Chinglish wiki is a collective editing tool.

5. Read more about the Fedora Test page via our Wiki .

6. There may be greater use of wikis behind firewalls than on the public Internet.

7. Wiki: The lyrics are dedicated to the Faroe Islands and Greenland.

8. Two morphological characteristics of the Malayo-Polynesian languages are a system of affixation and the reduplication (repetition of all or part of a word, such as wiki-wiki) to form new words.

9. Similar to Drupal, the wiki-style documentation system supporting this solution is useful.

10. In June 2003, Sam Ruby set up a wiki to discuss what makes "a well-formed log entry".

11. In 2010 an OEIS wiki at was created to simplify the collaboration of the OEIS editors and contributors.

12. 6 CAROLINE GLUCK: Yeah I think practitioners like Ward are still quite idealistic about how they want wiki to develop.

13. Wikip e dia , the free inside podia encyclopedia th at anyone can add it edit, is the best known wiki.

14. By enabling employees to contribute to wikis, companies establish a self-checking, self-organizing method of documenting processes and facts about the business.

15. 22 Wikip e dia , the free inside podia encyclopedia th at anyone can add it edit, is the best known wiki.

16. One non-e-mail context in which hashcash appears to be a good solution is in the rather spam-like defacement that Wikis sometimes suffer.

17. Adding a hashcash challenge does not prevent automated defacement of Wiki sites, but it can make a vandalbot crawl much more slowly.

18. For some IT shops, especially small ones, editing and organizing their current process on a shared Wiki is enough to gain some discernable benefit.

19. Wikis can be a powerful online resource for the provision and sharing of information, with the proviso that information found on them should be independently verified.

20. 13 Her supporters took to Wikipedia, to tweak the Paul Revere entry to suit her syntax, touching off a Bunker Hill of Wiki revision and counter-revision.

21. 16 I have set up a wiki page for this buddy system, it will have the names of all current new employees and buddies.

22. Several tools are available that make it simple for blog and wiki visitors to submit pages to their favorite social bookmarking service in a snap.

23. Thus far, we have prototyped 8 of the 40 machines and have published all of the... 3d designs... schematics... instructional videos... and budgets on our wiki.

24. Wiki is a new hypertext system, which is mainly used to share collaborative creation, build resources together, research collaboratively on academic subjects and so on.

25. Wikia also allows wikis to have a point of view, rather than the neutral POV that is required by Wikipedia (although NPOV is a local policy on many Wikia communities).