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(portmanteau of: "wiki" and "encyclopedia") largest multilingual free content encyclopedia on the Internet that allows users to edit its content (add, remove or modify text)

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1. Originally, Bomis planned to make Wikipedia profitable.

2. Spanish Wikipedia claims it is a novela.

3. Our Lady of Guadalupe - Apparition - Symbol of Mexico Wikipedia.

4. The first is mass collaboration, represented here by Wikipedia.

5. This to to the quick of what Wikipedia is about.

6. Wikipedia , the online encyclopaedia , will go down an internet pioneer.

7. Visit the ISBN Wikipedia entry for more information on check digits.

8. The Wikipedia, of course, is an encyclopedia created by its users.

9. There was some concern that Google's Wikipedia competitor, Knol, would receive preferential treatment and dethrone Wikipedia from the top of many search pages, but that hasn't happened.

10. I have learned from Wikipedia that, starting with that humble beginning,

11. I would close by saying that we heard earlier today about Wikipedia.

12. No offense to the ethnic music community, but Wikipedia deserves more credit.

13. The design of the Arabic Wikipedia differs somewhat from other Wikipedias.

14. This list needs to be periodically updated from the Ukrainian Wikipedia.

15. At all times, Wikipedia is approximately 45 minutes away from utter destruction.

16. The asteroid was named after the online encyclopedia Wikipedia in January 2013.

17. Hello, I am a user from the Chinese Wikipedia and the sysop there.

18. Made superfluous by the link, although Wikipedia is fighting a brave rearguard action.

19. Knol was described both as a rival to encyclopedia sites such as Wikipedia, Citizendium, and Scholarpedia and as a complement to Wikipedia, offering a different format that addressed many of Wikipedia's shortcomings.

20. Google translation : Wikipedia in China, set up a dedicated server and its related issues.

21. Wikipedia is not created by 12 brilliant people locked in a room writing articles.

22. A this is a map of articles in Wikipedia that have been geo- coded.

23. It's collaborative, like Wikipedia, so you can invite friends and audience members to help out.

24. Wikipedia trusts the same community to self-regulate and become more proficient at quality control.

25. This article is licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License. It uses material from Wikipedia.

26. Last month a Canadian physician posted to Wikipedia all 10 inkblots of the Rorschach test.

27. Definition form Wikipedia: A degauss causes a magnetic field to oscillate rapidly, with decreasing amplitude.

28. I've been very hands-off at Wikipedia, particularly when it comes to detailed editing conflicts.

29. Jimmy Wales, the founder of Wikipedia, has himself fallen foul of these tricky notability criteria.

30. One of the most important areas - automatic detection of vandalism and data quality assessment in Wikipedia.

31. 19 Last month a Canadian physician posted to Wikipedia all 10 inkblots of the Rorschach test.

32. Through the work of these individuals, Wikipedia has become the largest general reference work in history.

33. A few days after issuing a press release about his business, Kohs' Wikipedia account was blocked.

34. Several media outlets have suggested that Wikipedia directly or indirectly was taking sides with either group.

35. I was surprised and gratified to find the respectable number of Wikipedia articles in Igbo, my father tongue.

36. And the storyline is, there's this crazy thing, Wikipedia, but academics hate it and teachers hate it.

37. It's well-suited for sites with tons of content (like Wikipedia), which are difficult to navigate otherwise.

38. According to Wikipedia, it was actually Philip II of Macedonia (382-336 BC) who coined this expression.

39. You can contribute biographical information for The Jim Cifelli New York Nonet to Wikipedia, the user-contributed encyclopedia.

40. Alexa can manage voice-controlled alarms, timers, and shopping and to-do lists, and can access Wikipedia articles.

41. In the case of p, qw is often substituted, as in the name of the Cherokee Wikipedia, Wiɣiqwejdiʃ.

42. 24) It's a little more reliable than Wikipedia because they pay free-lance experts to write for them.

43. Disagree. Because the News and the Wikipedia is very difference, News need play-by-play and first-hand material.

44. According to Wikipedia, dimethylpolysiloxane is optically clear, and is generally considered to be inert, non-toxic, and non-flammable.

45. Wikipedia has been widely used as a corpus for linguistic research in computational linguistics, information retrieval and natural language processing.

46. Learn more about general log analysis at Wikipedia and about an active log file monitoring tool called Swatch at SourceForge.

47. Accessing social media or Wikipedia would be a lot like -- well, from the inside at least -- like consulting your own memory.

48. Then I'll show you how to use Mahout to do some interesting machine-learning tasks using the freely available Wikipedia data set.

49. B-tree file system: Wikipedia provides a good introduction to Btrfs and offers links to many other sources of code and technical information.

50. The original text about charas hashish is completely intact (it’s actually been expanded), but it is now accessible at a new URL on Wikipedia.