wild animals|wild animal in English

untamed animals who live in their natural habitat

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1. A wild animal.

2. Let animals run wild.

3. Many wild animals died in the Hoofed Animal Protection Zone of Karamaili, Altay.

4. They were caught poaching wild animals.

5. Lions and elephants are wild animals.

6. They hunted wild animals for food.

7. Wild animals abound in this park.

8. Tracking wild animals requires great stealth.

9. Low - flying aircraft terrify wild animals.

10. He was attacked by wild animals.

11. Ash, that was pure wild animal craziness.

12. Wild Language —The Secrets of Animal Communication

13. All you wild animals in the forest.

14. Gansu has 659 species of wild animals.

15. I've never seen a finer wild animal.

16. 1 Tracking wild animals requires great stealth.

17. See: "Wild idea on animal property rights".

18. Wild and domestic animals will feed together.

19. Wild animals don't breed well in captivity.

20. You cannot run around like a wild animal.

21. Wild Language —The Secrets of Animal Communication 16

22. Early humans hunted animals and gathered wild plants .

23. Wild animals with true natures and pure talents.

24. Wild animals have collapsed from hunger and dehydration.

25. Wild animals in their natural state are free.