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Below are sample sentences containing the word "wild beast" from the English Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "wild beast", or refer to the context using the word "wild beast" in the English Dictionary.

1. Fear, evil spirit, wild beast.

2. This scarlet-colored wild beast proves to be what is called “the image of the wild beast.”

3. A VICIOUS wild beast is on the prowl.

4. Seven-headed wild beast from the sea (1-10)

5. 20 The wild beast of the field will honor me,

6. Hunted like a wild beast, he suffered discouragement and fear.

7. They cannot ask admiringly: “Who is like the wild beast?”

8. Ponce was as heartless and unfeeling as any wild beast.

9. What is “the wild beast that ascends out of the abyss”?

10. What do the first six heads of the wild beast represent?

11. Accepting ‘the mark of the wild beast in our hand or upon our forehead’ would amount to permitting the wild beast to control our actions or affect our thinking.

12. 7 This symbolic “wild beast” of Revelation chapter 17, which is described as scarlet colored, is really a copy of the original “wild beast” spoken about in Revelation chapter 13.

13. 41 Such dwellers on earth wondered admiringly at the revived scarlet wild beast.

14. And an eighth “king,” the scarlet-colored wild beast, as an “image” of the first wild beast, made its appearance in the first instance as the League of Nations. —Revelation 17:9-14.

15. 6 That symbolic “wild beast” was known at first as the League of Nations.

16. (Revelation 17:3, 5, 7-12) The wild beast represents the United Nations organization.

17. However, a wild beast of Lebʹa·non passed by and trampled down the thorny weed.

18. Like the Assyrian of old, the scarlet-colored wild beast will ‘go off into destruction.’

19. 68:30 —What does the request to “rebuke the wild beast of the reeds” mean?

20. “The ten horns” and “the wild beast” will turn against “the harlot,” Babylon the Great.

21. She has thus been trying to exercise influence over this “wild beast,” or world government.

22. In 1945 the international “wild beast” emerged from its abyss of inactivity as the United Nations.

23. 23. (a) When did that “wild beast . . . ascend out of the abyss,” and with what name?

24. The harlot is riding a scarlet-colored wild beast that has seven heads and ten horns.

25. 15 Revelation depicts “a scarlet-colored wild beast” that exists for a time, disappears, and then returns.

26. In doing this he uses his political “wild beast” and the Anglo-American “false prophet” here on earth.

27. A study of the book of Revelation shows that the wild beast refers to the United Nations (UN).

28. 7. (a) What is the scarlet-colored wild beast of Revelation chapter 17 called in Revelation chapter 13?

29. 30 A wild beast does not at once become tame, or a new breed arise in an instant.

30. For example, Revelation 13:18 says that “the number of the wild beast” is “six hundred and sixty-six.”

31. Surroundings of the wild beast feel this poison spider to mail ahead the oppression of , the subconscious ground starts countermarch.

32. (Revelation 20:10) The wild beast and the false prophet are political entities and are a part of Satan’s visible organization.

33. Providing background for this, the eighth vision shows the activity of “a wild beast . . . with ten horns and seven heads.” —Rev.

34. (1 John 5:19) They belong to the worldwide political organization symbolized by “the wild beast” of Revelation 13:1, 2.

35. Well, they proclaim the message that points to the eternal destruction awaiting the worshipers of the “wild beast” and its “image.”

36. Cruelly, they sold Joseph into slavery and tricked their father into believing that Joseph had been killed by a wild beast. —Gen.

37. The book of Revelation reveals that pressures would be applied to earth’s inhabitants to become worshipers of the Devil-controlled “wild beast.”

38. However, these “ten horns” will be conquered by the Lamb, which means that “the image of the wild beast” will “go off into destruction.”

39. Later, as they showed the coat to their father, he cried out: ‘A vicious wild beast must have eaten Joseph!’ —Genesis 37:12-36.

40. And when they see how the wild beast was, but is not, and yet will be present, those who dwell on the earth will wonder admiringly . . .

41. (b) How long will “the ten horns” reign as kings with the symbolic wild beast, and what will happen to those who wonder admiringly at this beast?

42. That spells also only a further brief period of life for all those who wonder admiringly at the resurrected “image of the wild beast” and support it.

43. They appreciated the timeliness of studying the book Revelation—Its Grand Climax At Hand!, especially the portion on the activities of the wild beast in these last days.

44. What can we learn by comparing John’s vision of the wild beast, Daniel’s account of the fearsome beast that had ten horns, and Daniel’s interpretation of the immense image?

45. What must be said of survival of the war at Har–Magedon, as to (a) the earth, (b) the birds, and (c) exceptions to the worshipers of the wild beast?

46. This wild beast coming out of the sea or the abyss is in keeping with this, for the sea is used to represent “peoples and crowds and nations and tongues.”—Rev.

47. President Knorr went on to show that “the wild beast that . . . was, but is not, . . . is about to ascend out of the abyss, and it is to go off into destruction.”

48. 18 At Revelation 17:16, it is foretold that a figurative scarlet-colored wild beast, which has proved to be the United Nations, will turn on harlotlike Babylon the Great and violently destroy her.

49. The mark on the hand would logically signify active support of the wild beast, the hand being used to accomplish work. —Re 13:1, 2, 16-18; 14:9, 10; 16:1, 2; 20:4.

50. Thus it was in 1945 that the symbolic “scarlet-colored wild beast” ascended “out of the abyss,” and the symbolic harlot, “Babylon the Great,” again climbed onto its back, where she shamelessly sits to this day.