wild beasts|wild beast in English

untamed animals who live in their natural states

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1. Fear, evil spirit, wild beast.

2. “The Wild Beasts of the Earth”

3. This scarlet-colored wild beast proves to be what is called “the image of the wild beast.”

4. There are wild beasts in the mountains.

5. 20 Even the wild beasts long for you,

6. He has proved not a tamer of wild beasts, but a tamer of wild lives.

7. A VICIOUS wild beast is on the prowl.

8. Seven-headed wild beast from the sea (1-10)

9. Without the ancient gods, the wild ones are mere beasts.

10. He compared Roman society to “a community of wild beasts.”

11. But what about the prophecy of death by wild beasts?

12. 20 The wild beast of the field will honor me,

13. Hunted like a wild beast, he suffered discouragement and fear.

14. In Bible prophecy, human governments are often symbolized by wild beasts.

15. They cannot ask admiringly: “Who is like the wild beast?”

16. Ponce was as heartless and unfeeling as any wild beast.

17. And you will not fear the wild beasts of the earth.

18. + Even the wild beasts of the field I will give him.”’”

19. What is “the wild beast that ascends out of the abyss”?

20. What do the first six heads of the wild beast represent?

21. Why, he may have fought wild beasts in an arena at Ephesus!

22. Accepting ‘the mark of the wild beast in our hand or upon our forehead’ would amount to permitting the wild beast to control our actions or affect our thinking.

23. And I will satisfy the wild beasts of the whole earth with you.

24. And the wild beasts of the field will be at peace with you.

25. 7 This symbolic “wild beast” of Revelation chapter 17, which is described as scarlet colored, is really a copy of the original “wild beast” spoken about in Revelation chapter 13.