wildcat|wildcats in English


any of various undomesticated black-striped felines; aggressive person; experimental drilling; daring business venture; locomotive without cars (Slang)

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1. Wildcat?

2. Wildcat.

3. Gabriella : The Wildcat superstar's afraid?

4. Depth, the Wildcats said, was the determining factor.

5. In most European countries, European wildcats have become rare.

6. The miners will wildcat next month.

7. "The African Wildcat, ancestor of the domestic cat".

8. Take good care of that wildcat, Sabra.

9. Senior heavyweight Rob Mitas was the Wildcats' other gold medalist.

10. The Wildcats made strafing attacks while the Avengers launched torpedoes.

11. The wildcat should be fitted in with anchor chain.

12. Compared to the domestic cat, Asian wildcats have relatively longer legs.

13. Wildcat strikers, in their cars, driving from mine to mine.

14. Drilling there would be strictly a wildcat operation.

15. Outside in the distance a wildcat did growl.

16. My sister turns into a wildcat when she gets mad.

17. Most of the workers have participated in the wildcat strike.

18. A giant wildcat is being hunted after 58 lambs were butchered.

19. The Tannoy Wildcat range consisted of following speaker systems.

20. Within the forest, raccoons, frogs, turtles, alligators, snakes, wildcats, deer and other creatures forage.

21. Frustration, anger and desperation have led to a series of wildcat strikes.

22. The wildcat strikes have come under the backdrop of rapidly rising unemployment.

23. Some researchers argue that "pure" wildcats do not exist anymore, but others dispute this.

24. You are so crazy, Wildcat And what is it with you and trees?

25. 5 Interbreeding with feral cats is probably the biggest threat to the wildcat.