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1. One man's wilderness is another man's theme park.

2. The park is part of the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area.

3. On November 10, 1978, most of the park was declared a wilderness area.

4. Acid rain is reported to fall even in Yellowstone National Park and in the wilderness of Colorado .

5. Wilderness

6. In addition, 9,078,675 acres (3,674,009 ha) of the park are designated as the largest single wilderness in the United States.

7. A large part of the park has additional protection as the Gates of the Arctic Wilderness which covers 7,167,192 acres (2,900,460 ha).

8. Wilderness of Paran

9. The wilderness area adjoins the Noatak Wilderness and together they form the largest contiguous wilderness in the United States.

10. Wilderness Camp Gates.

11. So, no wilderness, no revelations.

12. This was once barren wilderness.

13. The Battle of the Wilderness.

14. A Tabernacle in the Wilderness

15. Approximately 100 miles [160 km] southwest of the Wilderness of Judah is the Wilderness of Paran.

16. It was the exhilaration of wilderness.

17. Beyond lay the wilderness of Judah.

18. 5 The garden was a wilderness.

19. John found God in the wilderness.

20. Utterly hedonistic luxury on wilderness trek.

21. 2 They pulled away from Rephʹi·dim+ and came to the wilderness of Siʹnai and camped in the wilderness.

22. The garden is turning into a wilderness.

23. So Crow is wilderness softened by familiarity.

24. 25 It was the exhilaration of wilderness.

25. 7 Alaska is the last great wilderness.