wildfire|wildfires in English


uncontrollable blaze; highly flammable material; powerful lightning lacking thunder; phosphorous light which hovers over the ground in marshy areas, ignis fatuus

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1. Wildfire.

2. The news spread like wildfire.

3. You've heard of wildfire?

4. Start a wildfire in Florida!

5. Cholera spread like wildfire through the camps.

6. The news had spread like wildfire.

7. Seventeen separate wildfires were reported at that time.

8. Viral outbreak spread like wildfire

9. The story spread like wildfire.

10. It must go rapidly like wildfire.

11. The President declared a wildfire emergency in New Mexico.

12. Whipping winds are fueling fierce wildfires in Southern California.

13. 20 In a press release Monday,[www.Sentencedict.com] Wildfire said the investments enable it to improve the accessibility and affordability of Wildfire.

14. Rumours of his death spread like wildfire.

15. Intense wildfires have been fueled by fierce Santa Ana winds.

16. Further east in Zabaykalsky Krai, four people died in wildfires near Chita.

17. Real money is on the rumors spread like wildfire.

18. News of Polk's arrival spread like wildfire.

19. Word of it spread like wildfire among geophysicists.

20. His new book has been shifting like wildfire.

21. M. because of the wildfire on June 27 2011.

22. Major wildfires have destroyed thousands of acres in Idaho, Oregon and Montana.

23. Over 35 houses burned as wildfire swept through the town.

24. Firefighters are making progress containing the wildfire in Big Sur .

25. These stories are spreading like wildfire through the city.