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1. The foxes play havoc with the wildfowl.

2. The 20-page text makes a valiant attempt to comprehend wildfowl biology.

3. Pagham Harbour holds 000 to 000 waders and approximately 500 wildfowl.

4. Pagham Harbour holds 4,000 to 7,000 waders and approximately 1,500 wildfowl.

5. By the time of the inquest, the wildfowl season was at an end.

6. She has kept unusually accurate records of local wildfowl behavior for 58 years.

7. October sees the sizeable arrival of winter wildfowl and waders to our shores.

8. An enclosed place, such as a pond, into which wildfowl are lured for capture.

9. The International Wildfowl Research Bureau watches over endangered species of birds thoughout the world.

10. The project involved the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust and the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust (WWT).

11. Flamingos have webbed feet and, like wildfowl, are able to swim well in deeper water.

12. This was , until a few years ago, a wonderful wetland,[Sentencedict] teeming with wader and wildfowl.

13. Two will be described here: pillow mounds and former rabbit warrens, and decoys for taking wildfowl.

14. The levels are also important for the wintering wildfowl they attract, particularly Teal and Wigeon.

15. They caught wildfowl for the ever-increasing colony, and built new pens and enclosures for them.

16. Nearby is the Heritage Museum of local history and the Wildfowl Trust bird sanctuary.

17. The gravel pits have been landscaped and planted to make them attractive to wildfowl.

18. They're joined by up to 16,000 wildfowl that also enjoy a winter break here.

19. Thoreau died, however, before he could publish his detailed observations of local wildflowers and wildfowl .

20. This was , until a few years ago, a wonderful wetland, teeming with wader and wildfowl.

21. Wildfowl, such as ducks and geese, were caught, and deer, boar and hares were hunted.

22. 11 Flamingos have webbed feet and, like wildfowl, are able to swim well in deeper water.

23. Wildfowl are numerous in winter with thousands of teal as well as wigeon, pintail and shoveler.

24. The lakes at Pett Level hold rather small numbers of wintering wildfowl, but are particularly important during times of passage.

25. But more than most places it specialises in wildfowl, because it boasts a number of freshwater lakes and ponds.