wile|wiled|wiles|wiling in English



plan a scheme; cheat, deceive; tempt, entice; pass time (when used as "wile away")

Use "wile|wiled|wiles|wiling" in a sentence

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1. wile sb. into doing sth.

2. wile away a Sunday afternoon.

3. What does Wile E Coyote want?

4. the wiles of a skilled negotiator.

5. Wile waiting, mama took pic for me.

6. Their wiles are starting to work.

7. Foxes and statesmen, subtile wiles ensure.

8. Fox's wiles will never enter the lion's head.

9. They valued wiles, street smarts, never education.

10. 16 Foxes and statesmen, subtile wiles ensure.

11. To the moment they have enough time to wile away.

12. The fox’s wiles will never enter the lion’s head. 

13. The caff is a good place to wile away an evening.

14. It was impossible to resist her feminine wiles .

15. He somehow managed to resist all my feminine wiles.

16. in spite of your many wiles you are powerless.”

17. Wile Charles was in prison; Sydney Carton had also arrived in Paris.

18. The woman used all her wiles to tempt him into following her.

19. His wiles and quirks do not diminish his humanity.

20. I am, of course, no stranger to feminine wiles.

21. My wile and I consider this to be a most fortunate match.

22. Using tools of algebraic number theory, Andrew Wiles proved Fermat's Last Theorem.

23. 8 The water - soluble guanosine in Pinellia ternate cultivated is similar to that in Pinellia ternate wiled.

24. Honey, I need you to work your feminine wiles on Clayton.

25. She claimed that women "use their feminine wiles to get on.".