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1. This is the " Kaiser Wilhelm " memorial.

2. March 29 – Wilhelm Ackermann (died 1962), German mathematician.

3. In Germany, they met Kaiser Wilhelm the second. Kaiser Wilhelm invited the former American president to watch a big parade of German troops.

4. 13 Wilhelm realized that he was on Tamkin's back.

5. No less a luminary than Wilhelm Furtwangler conducted the premiere.

6. Wilhelm Schickard designed and constructed the first working mechanical calculator in 1623.

7. 1896) 1846 – Wilhelm Maybach, German engineer and businessman, founded Maybach (d.

8. They said the tragedy of Wilhelm Gustloff was a war crime.

9. These military exploits made Richthofen one of the most feared warriors of Kaiser Wilhelm.

10. 5 No less a luminary than Wilhelm Furtwangler conducted the premiere.

11. Construction of Kurfürst Friedrich Wilhelm cost the German navy 11.23 million marks.

12. Wilhelm Homberg described how light darkened some chemicals (photochemical effect) in 1694.

13. Wilhelm became a member of a Bethel family in Europe in 1947.

14. Wilhelm Peters later described Cranoglanis along with a new species, Cranoglanis sinensis.

15. Marx’s theories also mirrored the views of German philosopher Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel.

16. Wilhelm Kress trials a triplane seaplane that makes a short hop before capsizing.

17. Do you remember the professor who used to hate Robert Wilhelm Bunsen?

18. On 2 August, Wilhelm II ordered German mobilization against France and Russia.

19. In May 1857, Friedrich Wilhelm Argelander discovered high proper motion of the star.

20. The Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Prize is granted to ten scientists and academics every year.

21. 6 Under Wilhelm II Germany took an imperialistic course that led to friction with neighbouring countries.

22. After he delivered his Nobel Lecture, Roosevelt was the guest of Kaiser Wilhelm II in Germany.

23. In late 1938, Warlimont became Senior Operations Staff Officer to General Wilhelm Keitel.

24. Wilhelm wundt set up the first psychological laboratory in Leipzig, Germany, in 18

25. Origin: Kurf Urstendamm Street was also the locus of KAISER WILHELM Memorial afterward.

26. She was the only submarine which had a clergyman on board (Wilhelm Meinhold, Marinepfarrer).

27. A coffin donated by Kaiser Wilhelm was never used and sits next to the original.

28. Towards that end, Chief Engineer Wilhelm Hadeler was reassigned to oversee Graf Zeppelin's completion.

29. Cathode rays were discovered by Johann Wilhelm Hittorf in 1869 in primitive Crookes tubes.

30. The first generally recognized World Chess Champion, Wilhelm Steinitz, claimed his title in 1886.

31. As a result, German Emperor Wilhelm II was forced into exile in the Netherlands.

32. He was persuaded to become director of Theoretical Physics in the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute.

33. " Your Majesty had not spoken before I was aware that I was addressing Wilhelm

34. Göring joined the Prince Wilhelm Regiment (112th Infantry) of the Prussian army in 1912.

35. Talking much about oneself may be a way of hiding oneself—Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche.

36. After a careful evaluation of the documents we will decide about legal steps," Wilhelm said.

37. Wilhelm Winter (born 1968) is a German mathematician, specializing in operator algebras (and particularly C*-algebras).

38. Meteor III was a schooner-rigged yacht built in the United States for the German Emperor Wilhelm II.

39. Kaiser Wilhelm II was launched on 14 September 1897 and commissioned on 13 February 1900.

40. In 1928, David Hilbert and Wilhelm Ackermann posed the question in the form outlined above.

41. In 1928 , David Hilbert and Wilhelm Ackermann posed the question in the form outlined above.

42. I am grateful to you, Wilhelm , for you sincere sympathy, for your well-meant advice.

43. In 1895, while experimenting with electricity, German physicist Wilhelm Röntgen saw rays passing through flesh but not bone.

44. In 1944 he succeeded the head of the organic chemistry department Wilhelm Schlenk at the University of Tübingen.

45. His son Hellmut Wilhelm was also a sinologist, and was professor of Chinese at the University of Washington.

46. The first chairman was Wilhelm Pieck, later the first and only president of the German Democratic Republic.

47. Francis Bacon and Distutt de Tracy and Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel contributed a lot to the development of ideology.

48. In the late 1920s, the mathematicians Gabriel Sudan and Wilhelm Ackermann, students of David Hilbert, were studying the foundations of computation.

49. But Wilhelm II fell ill in 1504 – probably syphilis – and was incapable of governing in the following years.

50. Hofmeister, Wilhelm friedrich benedict ( 1824 - 77 ) German botanist who first demonstrated the alternation of generations in lower plants.