wilhelm grimm|wilhelm carl grimm in English


Wilhelm Carl Grimm (1786-1859), younger of the Grimm Brothers

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1. Ben Grimm: Need a volunteer?

2. Grimm The sky just lit up!

3. Yes, Grimm is finished too.

4. Grimm: What are you doing?

5. Grimm yawned, and yawned again.

6. He gestured for Grimm to proceed.

7. Grimm dribbled like a happy baby.

8. Brothers Grimm, we're at our wit's end.

9. Glen Grimm grinned grimly at the green, gloomy glutton.

10. Grimm: Our night flight is over.

11. Grimm Fuel check. This ought to be enough.

12. Grimm How many planes took off besides me?

13. The trike skidded and tumbled, throwing Grimm over the handlebars.

14. Grimm : What kind of expression is that?

15. Kindly Grimm cradles my head, as I cradled him.

16. This is the " Kaiser Wilhelm " memorial.

17. There's a learning curve to being a Grimm, remember?

18. Ruefully, Grimm took up the drumstick again and gnawed.

19. Grimm How can a submarine that large even exist?

20. The sunlit grove was like something out of Grimm.

21. There are echoes of that struggle on Grimm too.

22. How about the tale of the Grimm and the Wolf?

23. The Grimm had cut off the Blutbad boy's head.

24. March 29 – Wilhelm Ackermann (died 1962), German mathematician.

25. Grimm, a sometime delivery driver, lives with his elderly mother.