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family name; Maurice Wilkins (1916-2004), English physicist and biochemist born in New Zealand developer of the X-ray technique used by Watson and Crick to discover the structure of the DNA molecule, winner of the 1962 Nobel Prize in Medicine

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1. Robson came on in place of Wilkins.

2. WILKINS MICAWBER is an unlikely management thinker.

3. 5 Mr Wilkins suffered a lingering death .

4. 1 Wilkins kicked a 35-yard field goal.

5. Nor was Wilkins a layman championing a secular cause.

6. Mrs. Wilkins, I'm awfully sorry. I've broken a teacup.

7. Wilkins is now extolling the virtues of organic farming.

8. The enormous Wilkins ice shelf is now barely attached to land.

9. J. Ernest Wilkins, Jr., 87, American mathematician and nuclear scientist.

10. That sod Wilkins, excuse my French, has taken my bloody parking space.

11. 27 That sod Wilkins, excuse my French, has taken my bloody parking space.

12. Wilkins R. Use of postal codes and addresses in the analysis of health data.

13. 1964) 1916 – Maurice Wilkins, New Zealand-English physicist and biologist, Nobel Prize laureate (d.

14. 5) The Nobel Prize was shared by Francis Crick, James Watson and Maurice Wilkins.

15. The Nobel Prize was shared by Francis Crick, James Watson and Maurice Wilkins.

16. Brown: I'm a big fan of Michael Jordan, Dominique Wilkins and Vince Carter.

17. Robson came on in place of Wilkins ten minutes before the end of the game.

18. I never go past my old school but I think of Mr. Wilkins, the headmaster.

19. Despite speculation that the campaign, produced by Hoare Wilkins, was put together with privatisation in mind.

20. You shouldn't make any wild accusations if you're not absolutely sure that Wilkins stole the money.

21. As for the doctrinal impediments, Wilkins pointed out that intelligent inhabitants need not be like humans.

22. What ? ( laughs ) Don't worry about it, Li Hua . Everyone knows Professor Wilkins is a crackpot.

23. Asa bought the hill farm in 1856 from Orin Perkins, married Elmira Wilkins, and settled there.

24. Both he and Wilkins were able to invoke past precedent for their concepts of biblical accommodation.

25. Nevertheless, its reception was mixed, and interest began to wane with the death of Bishop Wilkins in 16

26. The Baker-Donaher family were the flip side of the Wilkins of Reading: different hemispheres, different social class.

27. Crick writes to collaborator Dr. Maurice Wilkins and praises the exit of a female collaborator, Dr. Rosalind Franklin.

28. Whether this is a failure in the interpretation of the evaluation of Wilkins' ideas is an open question.

29. In the torchlight he caught sight of a figure whom he immediately recongnized as Bill Wilkins , our local grocer.

30. Wilkins' response was to set up another mill only a few hundred yards away, this time using steam power.

31. Exasperated with Crick's fears, Dr. Wilkins wrote: "If Rosy wants to see Pauling, what the hell can we do about it?

32. Wilkins said that he and the police constable had hold of one another and the officer had fallen to the ground.

33. John Wilkins insisted on the distinction between a plurality of worlds within one universe and a plurality of distinct universes.

34. Wilkins also pleaded guilty to assaulting a police officer in the execution of his duty, and Parratt to obstructing the police.

35. 6 Author Kevin Wilkins once worked in a factory near his home town of Barrow-in-Furness where he tested the quality of toilet tissue.

36. Harold Tom Wilkins (June 1891 – 1960) was a British journalist known for his books on treasure hunting and pseudohistoric claims about Atlantis and South America.

37. In April 19 three men -- James Watson, Francis Crick and Maurice Wilkins -- shared the Nobel Prize for their discovery a decade earlier of the structure of DNA.

38. But by cooperating with Maurice Wilkins, a scientist at a rival lab in London, Watson and Crick learned of experimental evidence that enabled them to clinch their discovery.

39. "He can be unabashedly a person who is defined as a Negro in the United States and still be someone who can reach across the racial divide," Wilkins said.

40. Despite major signings, including Joe Jordan, Gordon McQueen, Gary Bailey and Ray Wilkins, the team failed to achieve any significant results; they finished in the top two in 1979–80 and lost to Arsenal in the 1979 FA Cup Final.