will decrease in English

will become less, will become lowe

Use "will decrease" in a sentence

Below are sample sentences containing the word "will decrease" from the English Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "will decrease", or refer to the context using the word "will decrease" in the English Dictionary.

1. This difference will decrease over time.

2. Ethanol -- intake of alcohol -- will decrease neurogenesis.

3. There are indications that unemployment will decrease.

4. The high tomorrow will decrease to 28 degrees Celsius.

5. The prices of polymers and suchlike materials will decrease.

6. Dividends paid out will decrease book value and book/sh.

7. An active display or data usage will decrease battery life.

8. This cost-efficient electric puller will decrease fuel and maintenance costs.

9. Ash accumulations will decrease traction, especially when wet, and cover road markings.

10. 13 Play poorly in Buenos Aires and your fame will decrease there.

11. And that will decrease the speed-- this component in the x direction.

12. Yes, stress will decrease the production of new neurons in the hippocampus.

13. As the power increases, the size of an antenna's dish will decrease.

14. 7 This cost-efficient electric puller will decrease fuel and maintenance costs.

15. Addition of water to this organic peroxide will decrease its thermal stability.

16. In addition, our corporate tax rates are not only competitive, they will decrease.

17. The new lower bound will decrease, and its selection is easy and effective.

18. However, this number will decrease as their caches are updated or cleared out.

19. 5 The maximum capacity of the battery will decrease with time and use.

20. The purchase of its own shares by the business will decrease total book value.

21. When a company declares a stock split, the price of the stock will decrease.

22. Love is such a stange problem that even the wise's intelligence quotient will decrease.

23. With higher temperature, the amount of polar components will decrease more during same parching time.

24. Being due to initial data errors, the result accuracy from the popular adjustment will decrease.

25. 7 More bulbs in the series circuit will decrease their brightness. A smaller current will flow.

26. The amount of the landing fee will decrease with the total traffic volume of Leipzig Airport

27. 6 The increasing of the incoming flow Mach number will decrease the total pressure recovery coefficient.

28. Current activities related to pre-accession will decrease by around (70%) (see chart III and IV).

29. Then, as your ads run and you accrue costs, the credit from your payment will decrease.

30. With the scale growing up, the amendatory value will increase while the amendatory coefficient will decrease.

31. 6) Using communications, such as an OSC, will decrease reliability and may require a redundant trigger.

32. However, the excessive addition of boric acid will decrease the emission intensity of the luminescent materials.

33. Addition of NH4Cl produces greater amounts of complexes and therefore the co-precipitation of Cd2+ will decrease.

34. The number of the blood vessels in the fibrocartilage will decrease with the age of the fetus.

35. The water potential in blood will decrease due to the increase solutes, and blood osmotic pressure will increase.

36. The parties have argued that the market share will decrease because ACS's Clofentezine has been divested to [...] and [...].

37. After mildewed , the nutritive substance in soybean will decrease, and the color and flavor of seed will change.

38. Extraction of oil form pretreated rice bran by supercritical CO2 will decrease its acid value and increase its yield.

39. As work continues to reduce the gestation period at which screening tests can be conducted, the practical problems will decrease.

40. A price increase of 10% will decrease consumption on average by about 4% in high-income Member States among adults.

41. As work continues to reduce the gestation period at which screening tests can be conducted, the practical problems will decrease. Sentencedict.com

42. It also draws conclusions that arc power will decrease all the time if the source voltage is less than minimum arcing voltage, ...

43. Author suggests that increasing number of measurement taps and prolonging sampling time and enhancing sampling frequency will decrease signals aliasing and leakiness.

44. The study result shows that the Hall coefficient(absolute value)of n-Si samples will decrease with the increase of compressive stress.

45. When the steel bar is rusted, the bond stress will decrease much, which will impair the safety and durability of the structure severely.

46. In the environment with lower noise level, the earplug will decrease its sound insulation factor accordingly to ensure the useful voice can be heard.

47. 30) Problem prevention will lessen the need for problem detection, panics and burn-out will decrease, and there will be improved focus and less wasted effort.

48. It also implies that the karst process-related carbon sink intensity in glaciated karst water systems will decrease if some glaciers disappear due to global warming.

49. Besides, in most cases the overlong distance from knife edge to the aspheric surface to be tested will decrease the precision of the knife-edge testing.

50. 14 It is shown that the attenuation coefficient will decrease obviously with the increase of Mach number, and the nonlinear acoustic resistance and acoustic mass will reduce slightly.