will do in English


will be good enough, will suffice (as in "This room will do.")

Use "will do" in a sentence

Below are sample sentences containing the word "will do" from the English Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "will do", or refer to the context using the word "will do" in the English Dictionary.

1. The stool will do.

2. Money will do anything.

3. Doctor: Patulin will do.

4. Any mother will do.

5. A ha'penny will do.

6. Rye bread will do you good, barley bread will do you no harm, wheaten bread will do your blood, oaten bread will strengthen your arm.

7. Nevertheless, we will do everything.

8. We will do it ourselves.

9. I will do, your highness.

10. Which one? Anyone will do.

11. I will do absolutely as said.

12. Seth wait I will do anything.

13. You will do as I say.

14. Some will do anything to succeed.

15. Please specify what you will do.

16. The barber will do you next.

17. Any amount of money will do.

18. Alec will do as he's ordered.

19. This medicine will do you good.

20. To blow out will do. - is.

21. Excessive drinking will do you harm.

22. He will do anything without scruple.

23. I will do so, if necessary.

24. An omelette will do me fine .

25. They will do on the offensive.

26. This medicine will do you good!

27. His catamaran will do 37 knots.

28. Yours truly will do his best.

29. The outing will do me good.

30. An advance directive will do the following:

31. How that booze will do your mind!

32. 16 I will do whatever you wish.

33. That depends what he will do next.

34. I will do it in a jiff.

35. I will do anything but go there.

36. The robot will do the killing itself.

37. Your division will do this on contingency?

38. We will do it at any cost.

39. This box will do for a chair.

40. 13 Patience and perseverance will do wonders.

41. Any odd scrap of paper will do.

42. 7) I will do anything in reason.

43. A crack in the dike will do

44. A crack in the dike will do.

45. she will do anything for her blood.

46. You in future then eat will do.

47. Unprincipled accommodation will do harm to him.

48. We will do it in a jiffy.

49. Not just any love story will do.

50. We will do this in a drydock.