will of the majority in English

desire of the majority, will of most of the people

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Below are sample sentences containing the word "will of the majority" from the English Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "will of the majority", or refer to the context using the word "will of the majority" in the English Dictionary.

1. It will be cat and mouse for the majority of the match.

2. 18 The vast majority of God’s servants will remain in the flock.

3. By 2000 the great majority of cars will run on unleaded fuel.

4. The overwhelming majority of the Chinese people will never allow such a retrogression.

5. The new tax means that the vast majority of pensioners will lose out.

6. A large majority of these women will have demonstrable insulin resistance.

7. That will not, by definition, come from the silent majority.

8. A candidate who obtains an absolute majority of the votes will be elected.

9. Application services will reside on top, and that's what the majority of software developers will wait for.

10. In the majority of cases this process will involve counterbalancing the entire tonal scale.

11. 8) The overwhelming majority of the Chinese people will never allow such a backset.

12. The majority of these accruals will be paid out over the next five years.

13. Often, the justice who authored the majority opinion will incorporate into the majority opinion a response to the dissenting opinion's arguments.

14. And returns will be lackluster for the majority of firms left out of the best deals.

15. 5 Thus, the majority of children with Graves' disease will need definitive, curative therapy.

16. Myers of the Memphis bureau predicts the majority of the bureau votes will be against the proposal.

17. But it will never come close to an absolute majority.

18. ZED food initiatives reduce packaging as the majority of food will be fresh and unpackaged .

19. Be warned that the majority of people out there will go into naysayer mode automatically.

20. Absolute majority (in the European Parliament): Majority of the members who comprise Parliament.

21. The members of the national assembly will vote in a prime minister by a simple majority.

22. The majority of men who develop gonorrhoea in the penile urethra will notice two main symptoms.

23. She will inherit her father's estate when she reaches her majority.

24. We will strengthen equality before the law and equality of opportunity for the majority of the population - women.

25. Republicans will select the candidate of their choice through a majority vote at each caucus site.