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Wilella Sibert Cather (1873-1947), United States writer, author of "My Antonia"

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1. Willa Cather is an eminent American fictionist in the twentieth century.

2. Willa Cather ( 1873 - 1947 ) is a quite controversial figure in American literature.

3. My Antonia is one of the most famous works of Willa Cather.

4. An Interpretation of Loneliness in Willa Cather s My Antonia and O Pioneers!

5. Willa Cather ( 1873 - 1947 ) is a great American woman writer in American literary history.

6. Willa Cather ( 1873 - 1947 ) is an outstanding woman writer in the history ofAmerican literature.

7. Willa Cather ( 1873 - 1947 ) is a famous American female writer in the 19 th century.

8. It is Willa Cather , the late Victorian female writer, depicting pioneering adventures and spirits.

9. For example, Somerset Maugham would read Voltaire's "Candide" before starting work, while Willa Cather read the Bible.

10. Indeed, there is a succession here, from Mrs Stowe to Jewett and then to Willa Cather.

11. Willa Cather ( 1873-1947 ) is one of the famous women writers in American modern literary history.

12. This paper tries to analyze Willa Cather s mental world by comparing the west and east counties and countryside, woman and man, and companionate love with passionate one.

13. Therefore, Cather provides us with an ideal pattern of the relationship between man and land.

14. Project management is being provided by a consortium including Mott MacDonald and DeLeuw Cather.

15. Chapter one describes the influence of music , Wagnerian music in particular, on Cather and her works.

16. Willa remains, in my memory, my dearest ally.

17. Willa Fitzgerald (born January 17, 1991) is an American actress.

18. Next morning , fat Willa claimed her usual spot , whiskers aquiver .

19. Willa ignored my advice and sat under the tree all spring .

20. I ruffle Willa 's fur and realize how lucky I am to know her .

21. Willa , who resembled an overstuffed penguin , was the least athletic of our four cats .

22. From Masculine Individuality to Feminine Environmentalism: An Ecofeminist Interpretation of Willa Cather's O Pioneers!

23. Katherine Anne Porter(1890-1980)has been honored as one of best American women writers since Willa Cathr.

24. A novel of international intrigue in which Grace goes to Stockholm in response to a cryptic message from her sister, Willa.

25. Soon afterward, at 22:30 UTC, Willa intensified further into a Category 4 hurricane, becoming the ninth of the year in the East Pacific.