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(1776-1834) Scottish publisher and edito

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1. Rooting and transplantation of blackwood.

2. The establishment of blackwood calli system.

3. The witness stated that he saw Lord Blackwood rise from the grave.

4. Blackwood is executed by hanging, and declared dead by Dr. Watson himself.

5. The kinds of wood carving are mainly whitewood, blackwood and boxwood carvings.

6. Four different materials feature different qualities, styles include African Blackwood, Cocobolo, Camatillo and Ebony.

7. As he stepped into a pile of shavings, a long blackwood splinter pierced his foot.

8. William the Conqueror, ie King William I of England.

9. Harrison Blackwood teams up with microbiologist Suzanne McCullough, computer programmer Norton Drake, and army Lt.

10. North then used Blackwood to ask for aces and kings, and placed the final contract.

11. Blackwood settled in a high-backed chair. "For honor's sake I must ask about my liege lord."

12. ---William Somerset Maugham.

13. William II, known as William Rufus because of his red complexion.

14. The Blackwood boy would tell him if he asked, but that would spoil the mystery.

15. African blackwood (D. melanoxylon) is an intensely black wood in demand for making woodwind musical instruments.

16. 20 North then used Blackwood to ask for aces and kings, and placed the final contract.

17.  William Shakespeare 

18. You take care, William.

19. Walder Frey's fourth wife was a Blackwood, but kinship counts for no more than guest right at the Twins.

20. William Ahm... room service.

21. William " the refrigerator " Perry.

22. S. President William McKinley.

23. William Wordsworth may have been influenced in his ideas of development by William Green.

24. I'll be there . William Shakespeare?

25. One is William Howard Taft.