william cavendish in English


(1720-1764) 4th Duke of Devonshire, British statesman, former Prime Minister of Britain (1756-1757)

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1. Foot to the floor, Cavendish!

2. Miss Cavendish, you're looking a fair treat.

3. It is verified through Cavendish experiment.

4. Mrs Cavendish is a dear friend of mine.

5. And I never make idle threats, Mr. Cavendish.

6. Moreover , he pushed the Cavendish to the peak in it's history.

7. 12 Rutherford discovered α & amp ; ? ? rays when he studying in Cavendish laboratory.

8. Rutherford discovered α & amp ; ? ? rays when he studying in Cavendish laboratory.

9. 1766 British chemist Henry Cavendish determines the specific weight of hydrogen gas.

10. Cockcroft came to the Cavendish from Yorkshire in 19 Walton from Ireland in 19

11. It describes the development of Cavendish before 1919 in the first section.

12. William the Conqueror, ie King William I of England.

13. It researched the accomplishments of Rutherford before he became Cavendish professor in the second section.

14. In return, Blagden helped to keep the world at a distance from Cavendish.

15. She strode off down the restaurant with Cavendish following close at her heels.

16. You thought killing Cavendish would make me want to go out with you?

17. After stage fourteen, Cavendish abandoned the Tour to concentrate on the Olympics in Beijing.

18. Joseph Black had described carbon dioxide in 1756 while Henry Cavendish described hydrogen in 17

19. ---William Somerset Maugham.

20. William II, known as William Rufus because of his red complexion.

21. Many of the genes which have saved the Cavendish may already have been lost.

22. In short runningthe Cavendish . We may not be able to go bananas for much longer.

23. CAVENDISH COLLEGE is proud of its multicultural student body which diversity of a cosmopolitan like London.

24. Methods 3 cases of Cavendish grade 3 congenital unilateral elevated scapulae were undergone operation and rehabilitation.

25. In 1783 Henry Cavendish and James Watt both contributed to the thought that water was a compound.