william dunbar in English

(c1460-c1520) Scottish poet and member of the court of James IV

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1. Former Solicitor General Dunbar is next.

2. The chairman told me they want to support Dunbar.

3. Should I find a way to tip off Dunbar?

4. Dunbar could scarcely take exception to that, and changed the subject.

5. The passengers made a dispirited trio as they approached Dunbar Castle.

6. Ms. Dunbar, like any good lawyer, you have a knack for rhetoric-ish.

7. Ms. Dunbar wants to raise minimum wage. Talks about regulating executive pay.

8. 6 Dunbar could scarcely take exception to that, and changed the subject.

9. Dunbar Cos., Baltimore, united its six security-related businesses under its flagship name and logo.

10. With Protestant reinforcements arriving from neighbouring counties, the Queen Regent retreated to Dunbar.

11. Further, Dunbar notes that behavior issues are the number - one cause relinquishment to shelters.

12. William the Conqueror, ie King William I of England.

13. The Hotel Dunbar was a pink and chocolate-colored brick monolith on 42nd Street.

14. The mooring is more stable and less vulnerable to weather than that at Dunbar.

15. The process for enamelling cast iron bathtubs was invented by the Scottish-born American David Dunbar Buick.

16. Mary escaped from Edinburgh to Dunbar and by 18 March returned with a formidable force.

17. John Dunbar is still married to Stands with a Fist and they have three children.

18. ---William Somerset Maugham.

19. William II, known as William Rufus because of his red complexion.

20. The Krauts searched under the barracks, on the roofs, even the Kommandant's bathroom, but no Dunbar.

21. When I go, give me exactly five minutes to get Dunbar out of that water tank.

22.  William Shakespeare 

23. You take care, William.

24. William Ahm... room service.

25. You can either involve me, or you can start reading headlines about Dunbar pushing a marriage story.