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William George Fargo (1818-1881), United States expressman who organized "Wells Fargo Company" in 1852 with Henry Wells

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1. No much time to lose in Fargo, North Dakota.

2. Earlier , Goldman Sachs and Wells Fargo also reported strong results.

3. Wells Fargo, another bank, has a similar offering.

4. Bank of America, Citigroup, JP Morgan Chase and Wells Fargo were dropped.

5. Wells Fargo is expected to complete its merger with First Interstate next month.

6. The Wells Fargo crew, helped by some onlookers, got back another Pounds 2

7. You've got road through Fargo up to Winnipeg and also across from Duluth.

8. The typical Well Fargo lobby could become a virtual center of family life.

9. Wells Fargo has challenged that provision of the First Bank merger agreement in court.

10. William the Conqueror, ie King William I of England.

11. Wells Fargo said it expects first - quarter net interest margin of about 4.1 %.

12. 16 inches in north Fargo at Hector Field and 7.31 inches in north Moorhead.

13. Hearts all over the valley have opened up to flood victims in Fargo and Moorhead.

14. Banking giant Wells Fargo said it was cutting its prime rate to 25 percent.

15. Stamps are now commonly sold at grocery stores and all Wells Fargo ATMs.

16. ---William Somerset Maugham.

17. William II, known as William Rufus because of his red complexion.

18. At the same time, Wells Fargo will also be Wachovia's asset management and brokerage operations.

19. Miyoko, who would often make special cream stew for her daughter, was a member of Fargo.

20. Wells Fargo declined to comment on how much it might save by eliminating the economics department.

21. Zuendt said Wells Fargo hopes to cut those costs by 20 to 25 percent after the merger.

22. 10 We at Downtown News hereby volunteer to print those details if Wells Fargo makes them available.

23.  William Shakespeare 

24. You take care, William.

25. William Ahm... room service.