william gibson in English

(born 1948) U.S. science fiction author (considered the father of "cyberpunk", published many books whose plots take place in cyberspace)

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1. SKINNER: What happened to Gibson Praise?

2. Mr Gibson had telephoned the police.

3. Gibson rejected the idea as 'absurd'.

4. SKINNER: It's okay, I've got him. Gibson.

5. Gibson have also announced some new instruments, including the first Gibson basses ever modelled on the ES-175 jazz guitar body.

6. Nevada resident Loran Gibson says it was convenient.

7. We had no alternative but to fire Gibson.

8. That was Althea Gibson in the 1950 s.

9. "Fox Host John Gibson Mocks Heath Ledger's Death".

10. Captain Gibson sighed explosively and pushed the tablet away.

11. The word's out that Mel Gibson is in town.

12. Mr Gibson is clearly intellectually out of his depth.

13. My ideal man would be someone like Mel Gibson.

14. Mel Gibson did the sequel, you may have seen it.

15. This was also a standout year for The Gibson Brothers.

16. You were supposed to be Gibson in the role-playing.

17. Carol sat at her desk, daydreaming about meeting Mel Gibson.

18. Smyth's lawyer, Barry Gibson, said that Smyth suffered from schizophrenia.

19. Ralph Gibson L.J.'s observations seem equally applicable to libel.

20. Gibson illustrates with humour the kinship between capitalism and perversion.

21. Such words, Gibson and Si Biya gram achievement substitution.

22. Morgenroth the clothier and Gibson the dry goods man. "

23. 17 My ideal man would be someone like Mel Gibson.

24. 5) Morgenroth the clothier and Gibson the dry goods man. "

25. William the Conqueror, ie King William I of England.