william joseph donovan in English


(1883-1959) United States military officer and attorney, founder and director of the OSS from 1942 to 1945 (was known as "Wild Bill")

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1. Donovan scored the winning goal.

2. Mr. Donovan? This is Ed Hume.

3. Yeah, um, well, Veronica Donovan, she's my attorney, and

4. Yeah, um, well, Veronica Donovan, she' s my attorney, and

5. ♫ Dylan was so mean to Donovan in that movie.

6. His top backup, Donovan Ricketts, is also out with a pelvic injury.

7. Father Donovan did not move. His eyes were on the vegetable garden.

8. This is what made the Donovan libel action so daft.

9. These acts directly influenced British performers like Donovan and Fairport Convention.

10. Donovan cocked an interrogative eye at his companion, who nodded in reply.

11. The championships proved to be a personal triumph for the coach, Dave Donovan.

12. 30 The championships proved to be a personal triumph for the coach, Dave Donovan.

13. 14 The championships proved to be a personal triumph for the coach, Dave Donovan.

14. William the Conqueror, ie King William I of England.

15. Cashing in on the interest, Donovan is releasing his own album later this year.

16. William Clayton, a British immigrant and one of Joseph Smith’s clerks, wrote in his journal a meticulous account of how Joseph and Hyrum had been killed, an account pieced together from interviews with Willard Richards, John Taylor, and others who had been present.

17. Donovan looks set to be named in the Albion squad for today's trip to Burnley.

18. Whispers of a blossoming romance with her handsome co-star, Jason Donovan, had already surfaced.

19. Two newspaper magnates, William Randolph Hearst and Joseph Pulitzer, turned producing newspapers into a war when they began adding special sections including sports and multiple frame cartoon strips.

20. They baptized him Joseph.

21. ---William Somerset Maugham.

22. William II, known as William Rufus because of his red complexion.

23. Joseph, Preserver of Life

24. Joseph faced daunting challenges.

25. Circa 1900, the town gave William and Joseph Bettendorf 70 acres (280,000 m2) of riverfront land on the condition that they move their iron wagon business from Davenport to Gilbert.