william morris in English


(1834-1896) English craftsman and poet

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1. Acanthus Leaves, Wild Rose on Crimson Background, William, Morris.

2. William Morris was one of the early prophets of socialism.

3. William Morris is the real Worcester grew up near Oxford, the search Helveg in the River Thames and surrounded the city, always sheltered the William Morris and his dream car.

4. He styled himself a socialist an aesthete and had been considerably influenced by William Morris.

5. This remarkable display is the work of the William Morris artists and glaziers from London.

6. He said the verdict was unjustifiable, as had William Dean Howells and William Morris at the time of its execution.

7. In June 2007, she signed with the William Morris Agency, after previously being represented by United Talent Agency. [13] Forbes estimated that she earned $2 million in 2007.

8. As part of that deal, which was brokered by William Morris Endeavor, the comedienne is involved in many facets of the business, including helping to select new pet-food flavors.

9. Finally, according to this article, it is obviously that William Morris and John Ruskin are not only the leader of the Arts and Crafts Movement in England, but also the pioneer of the modern design.