without religious racial and sexual discrimination in English

without any religious or racial or sexual discrimination, not biased or prejudiced against anyone

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1. 1 The law strictly forbids racial or sexual discrimination.

2. Religious and racial discrimination were outlawed under the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

3. In addition, the Commission found that the applicant’s policy clearly contained elements of racial and religious discrimination.

4. The law forbids and prosecutes all actions aimed at ethnic, racial or religious hatred and incitement to discrimination.

5. To hell with racial discrimination.

6. He spoke out against racial discrimination.

7. Absence of grounds for racial discrimination

8. Is he guilty of racial discrimination?

9. Critics say it will support racial discrimination .

10. Most racial discrimination is based on ignorance.

11. Racial discrimination still exists in modern society.

12. He is passionately opposed to racial discrimination.

13. They abhor all forms of racial discrimination.

14. The battle against racial discrimination is not over.

15. A committee will investigate allegations of racial discrimination.

16. The Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (CERD) was concerned that racial and ethnic-based discrimination remained alive in the country’s society

17. Political repression and racial discrimination were at a high point.

18. Racial discrimination is abhorrent to my council and our staff.

19. 4 Women's groups denounced sexual discrimination.

20. Considerable ingenuity may be required to discover non-racial criteria for racial discrimination and non-racial reasons for criticizing other races.

21. The racial discrimination issue is a political hot potato.

22. 9 Racial discrimination is abhorrent to my council and our staff.

23. The law has done little to prevent racial discrimination and inequality.

24. The report that documents their findings includes an appendix with 108 anecdotes by Princeton students of racial or religious harassment or discrimination.

25. Martin Luther King tried to break down racial discrimination.