withstand|withstanding|withstands|withstood in English


[with'stand || wɪð'stænd ,wɪθ-]

stand up to; bear, endure

Use "withstand|withstanding|withstands|withstood" in a sentence

Below are sample sentences containing the word "withstand|withstanding|withstands|withstood" from the English Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "withstand|withstanding|withstands|withstood", or refer to the context using the word "withstand|withstanding|withstands|withstood" in the English Dictionary.

1. But Jason withstood the fearful creatures as a great rock in the sea withstands the waves.

2. This coat withstands hard wear.

3. We have withstood internship accompany setbacks, but also withstood the joy!

4. Financial planning withstands minor setbacks.

5. The bridge withstands the flood.

6. Axle loadings and stressing withstood

7. She is nipping the mandibular joint, withstands all!

8. It withstood the great earthquake.

9. She withstood several challenges to her leadership.

10. Our troops withstood the onset of the enemy.

11. 7 They had withstood siege, hunger and deprivation.

12. They had withstood siege, hunger and deprivation.

13. His alibi would not have withstood cross - examination .

14. Extremely water-resistant and withstands water washout and spray-off.

15. They have withstood heavy bombardment for many months.

16. Owens has withstood many attacks on his leadership.

17. It may also mean withstanding adversity and temptation.

18. The Chancellor has withstood the criticism and held firm.

19. The ordinary prudent man standard was applied not withstanding.

20. Like an iron bastion, the dam withstood the rushing floodwaters.

21. Love, only love, in the welkin, is abiding and withstanding .

22. My tests showed that the hooks and loops withstood my pulling.

23. Will They Withstand the “Fire”?

24. The bridge withstood the force of the flood and this load.

25. Bilateral friendship had withstood severe challenges and enjoyed a firm basis.