withstand hardships|withstand hardship in English

endure difficulties, live through hard times

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1. Will They Withstand the “Fire”?

2. But who can withstand jealousy?

3. I couldn't withstand the murderous heat.

4. It can withstand a 400G shock.

5. You won't be able to withstand them.

6. It was designed to withstand nuclear warfare.

7. It seems you can withstand any poison

8. 15 A fluid cannot withstand a shear.

9. The garrison was built to withstand assaults.

10. What sort of substance could withstand those temperatures?

11. They can withstand very severe cold weather .

12. Could my various injuries withstand the onslaught?

13. They can also withstand adverse agro-climatic conditions.

14. Sports equipment is designed to withstand hard usage.

15. All buildings are now reinforced to withstand earthquakes.

16. Our army tried to withstand the enemy onslaught.

17. Tomato is thermophilic, but can't withstand high temperature.

18. This flooring can withstand years of hard wear.

19. Cable shall be qualified to withstand burning test.

20. She could not withstand such a sudden onslaught.

21. And who can withstand the heat of his anger?

22. Those doors are designed to withstand a rocket launcher.

23. A towering sequoia can even withstand a powerful earthquake.

24. The vehicle is sturdy enough to withstand rough terrain.

25. He slew all who dared to withstand him.